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Promote A Healthier Lifestyle For Your Kids: 5 Fun Ideas



I’ve been both an adult and a child, and I can fully understand the nuisance parents face when trying to feed their kids healthy food rather than Happy Meals. There are ways to entice kids into eating healthy; perhaps consider dressing the menu up a little bit; yogurt and strawberries, as well as other types of colorful fruits, can be attractive. Additionally, I’d recommend growing your food in the back-garden; being part of the food preparation can be good fun for your child.

Berries and Yoghurt

Colorful, exotic, and oh-so-attractive; this simple breakfast will get the kids up quickly in the morning. I’ve heard it said many times before, but I’ll repeat it myself: breakfast is the most important meal of the day. With this in mind, color the breakfast plates in with pretty foods and fruits. Yogurt is a source of calcium and very good for a child’s diet, and the importance of fruit in a child’s daily routine needs to be established at an early age.

Vegetable and Bacon Soup

Soup is an excellent choice for children as it’s easy and quick to eat; in terms of food preparation, it won’t bore the child either. My advice is to experiment by having a mixture of meats and vegetables in the broth as this is fun and exciting and mixes tastes and gives a little something of everything. Remember, being part of the food preparation beforehand is vital, but ensure that your child is using the right cooking tools. It’s a great way to teach them about kitchen safety.

Tomato Sauce and Pasta

A particular favorite of mine; Tomato Sauce and Pasta is a great recipe for children to learn because it’s easy to make and smells lovely. Pasta is a must for young children as it gives them energy, especially with all that adorable/tiring (delete as appropriate) running around they do. Experiment with vegetables and different flavored sauces to open your child’s taste buds and give them something new to cook and sample.

Sandwiches: Meat and Salad

No lunchbox is the same without a ready-made sandwich. There’s an undeniable attraction to the food; all those different varieties wrapped together in one tasty snack. I’ve always loved to experiment with different types of meat and vegetable. A great way to entice children is to mix and match with the foods you’re putting in. Meat is an option as most children will be happy with the likes of chicken and ham. Alongside it, cheese is another source of calcium, and you can throw in lettuce, tomatoes, and even fish.

Graze Box

I’m cheating a little with this final option, but they are a remarkable small service which works by sending weekly boxes containing a range of delicious foods, suitable for all ages. From nutritious flapjacks to fruits and nuts, these are a great (and cheap) way to introduce your child to something a little bit different, as well as another great idea for their lunchbox. Each box contains details about the food content and promotes just how healthy it is.

One final and healthy tip is to remember that kids are much more likely to sample their work. If they’ve gone through the trouble of making something, then they’ll be more than happy to eat it up, and your job is done. Food preparation is something that will stay with a child for the rest of their life and is one of the most valuable skills a person can hold.