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Healthy Tips For Office Workers



Offices are breeding grounds for all sorts of illnesses, particularly colds and sniffles. It can be very hard to have nutritional snacks throughout your working day, however, to keep sniffles and colds at bay, there are a few self-help things you can do to ensure your health is in tip-top condition and able to fight any bugs that may be floating around the office. Colds and viruses are airborne and an office that is heated is a haven for bugs and bacteria.

Drink plenty of fluids but not endless cups of coffee. Echinacea tea is a wonderful antidote to colds and flu viruses and best of all, there are no calories whatsoever. Other infusions such as green tea and peppermint tea are also excellent for hydration. Warm offices can also dehydrate you as appliances such as printers, computers, and other office equipment are running all day. Keep healthy snacks to hands such as dried fruit, nuts, or pieces of fresh fruit. Don’t become too attached to the customary biscuit tin.

Try some nutritious fruit bars or oat bars. There is a vast choice of healthy snacks you can eat throughout the day which will boost your energy levels. You don’t always need to have a sugar hit to have an energy boost. It is no secret office workers can become sleepy during the day. Heated offices or staring at a computer screen can make a worker sleepy. Without movement, hydration, and some good brain food, work output will be reduced or of a lesser standard.

Nutritious snacks and movement will help to keep drowsiness at bay.

Make sure you get out for fresh air at lunchtime. While tempting to spend your lunch break sitting at your desk and chatting to friends on social networks, get out to stretch your legs. You will be able to tackle the afternoon session with a fresh head and fresh air is completely free. Even if it is a walk around the car park. Stretch your legs during the day to keep your circulation going. Poor circulation can lead to drowsiness and headaches. Also, make sure your eyes are not being strained by endlessly staring at a screen. Have your eyes tested regularly and try as hard as you can to ensure you have plenty of light over your desk.

This is not just for office workers, but to ensure you have some insurance which protects your income should you fall ill. Health is one area that you cannot predict yet our health is always our best asset. Make sure you have covered such as cancer insurance cover or at least an insurance policy such as income protection insurance which will pay your salary in the event of illness.

Keeping yourself healthy with exercise and healthy snacks throughout the day are paramount for office workers and will avoid drowsiness and other problems that could affect your job or colleagues. Exercise, drinking plenty of fluids and some good nutritious snacks should help to keep nasty bugs at bay.