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Boutique Fitness Studios for Tailored Programs



Boutique fitness studios are popping up more frequently, causing the full-service gyms to take notice and, sometimes, join forces to reap the profits of these more expensive studios. These fitness studios usually offer a single general fitness program that can then be tailored to your individual needs. There are also fitness studios that offer multiple tailored programs. You can find boxing Bootcamp programs, yoga classes, dance classes, and personal trainers who will create tailored programs for your individual needs. One of the bright spots of a boutique fitness studio is that, unlike a full-service gym, you can pay per class instead of paying a monthly subscription.

Yoga and Pilates Programs

Some of the most popular classes in gyms and boutique fitness studios alike are yoga and Pilates classes. With the classes growing in popularity, dedicated yoga studios have popped up across cities offering a unique mind and body workout that not only helps you stay fit but helps relax your mind and spirit in the process.

Pilates, a more strenuous program that utilizes different equipment to strengthen your core, has also seen its fair share of fitness studio attention. Pilates classes are available, as are personal Pilates training sessions that can be designed to fit your individual needs.

Cycling Programs

If you find yourself constantly choosing spinning classes or elliptical training at your gym over the rest of the equipment, you may consider going to a fitness studio that specializes in cycling. These specialized studios will allow you to get the activity you pay a gym subscription for without having to pay for anything else that you won’t use. You can find cycling studios that offer normal spinning programs or ones that offer aqua cycling, which is a stationary bicycle program in a pool that offers more resistance than normal cycling. You can also work with a personal trainer to develop a tailored cycling program for yourself.

Climbing Programs

If you’re tired of the normal gym exercises you can try something more adventurous like climbing. With rock climbing becoming more popular, there are more fitness studios with dedicated climbing areas while other studios specialize in only climbing activities. Learn how to rock climb like professional climbers and give your arms, legs, and core a unique workout. Work with trainers to get all of the benefits that a climbing studio has to offer.

Aerial Aerobic Programs

While this particular workout might not be for everyone, ranging from silk ribbons suspended from the ceiling has a number of fitness benefits for your whole body. This type of workout program is available at different studios but, due to its growing popularity, there are fitness studios dedicating their whole program to aerial aerobics. This program is said to be great for muscle tone as it fuses the benefits of barre, Pilates, and yoga. If you’re a person who usually takes an interest in dance classes or similarly graceful aerobic workouts, you may consider giving aerial aerobics a try.

All of these fitness programs, along with various others, are a great alternative to the full gym membership. You’ll not only benefit from a tailored program that will enable you to work to your strengths, but you’ll also be able to save money on monthly or annual subscriptions and opt for a pay-per-class method. Look into tailored programs like those at Heroic Fitness or similar studios to start a new fitness journey.