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Improve Your Health & Wellbeing – And Save Money In The Process



The holistic approach to health

Consider some of the things we do to stay healthy. If, for instance, someone gives up smoking due to worries about cardiovascular disease, the act of giving up smoking should reduce their risk of stroke and heart disease. But there are other benefits too: there’s the reduced lung disease risk, then there’s the money saved, and people who give up smoking generally report feeling better and getting more out of life. So it follows that if we do something that’s good for us, it can have a positive benefit in multiple areas.

Saving money by eating well

So, whether you intend to eat healthy to save money or to save money by eating healthily – it doesn’t matter. By following a few simple ideas, you could make a positive change to your habits and benefit both your wellbeing and bank account.

Step one: ditch the ready meals and takeaways!

You don’t have to stop eating ready meals and takeaways entirely – but to save money, you will have to cut right down to the point where they are a (very) occasional treat. Ready meals are often loaded with salt, sugar, and fat – and home-made versions of your favorite curry or pasta dish aren’t only cheaper, they can be healthier as you control what goes in them. Ready meals can also be expensive, so buying the ingredients yourself should mean saving some money too.

So whether your favorite meal is spaghetti with meatballs, pizza, curry, or sweet and sour chicken, there are lower fat and cheaper home-made alternatives that you can try out. And with all the excellent cookery resources that the internet provides, you should have a wealth of healthy recipes to choose from.

Step two: get active!

Being active doesn’t need to mean anything too strenuous – things like gardening or going for a walk help to keep your activity levels up – and they’re also an excellent opportunity to get outside and enjoy the fresh air. And there are loads of activities that are free as well. So you can up your fitness level without spending any money at all.

Step 3: Get organized!

It’s worth looking at your finances too, and seeing where you can save a bit of cash – and getting all your finances organized should also save you a bit of time and hassle, giving you more space for relaxation and being kind to yourself.

Once you start to keep track of things like your weight, your finances, and your healthy eating, you’ll hopefully see that a new set of habits can quite quickly become integral to your day to day life. And you might see your weekly expenditure slimmer than it was previously.