Save Money & Look Sexy When You Buy Lingerie Online

Designer lingerie is a luxury that most women love. To some of us it’s as addicting as buying a new pair of shoes, and a lot of women have 40 to 100 pairs of those! There’s nothing quite like the feeling of putting on something sexy and lacey under your clothes. In fact, I think sexy lingerie makes you feel more confident, even if no one but you will ever know you’re wearing it.

I love buying designer lingerie, especially when I have a special night to wear it on and trust me, you can get a huge collection without even paying attention. Lingerie is fashionable, feminine and private, meaning that it only has to impress you; or maybe a special someone.  Plus, just knowing that you look hot under anything, even a baggy sweater and jeans, is enough to give you that extra bit of confidence you need to get through your day.

Save A Little Bit of Money When You Buy Designer Lingerie Online

Unfortunately, designer lingerie can get more than a little expensive, especially when you buy it in stores. Purchasing designer lingerie online doesn’t make it cheap, that would be beside the point, but it does make it more affordable. Online shops can cut some of the costs of running a store which means they can sell lingerie at a little less than the average market value.  Despite the fact that saving money is great, this isn’t my main reason for buying designer lingerie online.  I expect to pay premium for something nice because in my experience, it’s better quality and tends to fit better than something cheap.

More Selection & More Sizes

When you go into your average lingerie shop, there isn’t always a great deal of selection. Usually I go in to find out that they only have one or two options in my size, or if I’m unlucky, nothing that I even like. If I go in looking for a specific set of designer lingerie, I’m probably going to find out that they just sold out of the last one in my size and I’ll have to wait until they re-stock it and check back periodically to make sure I don’t miss it again. No thanks!

When you shop online, you can see what someone has in stock without having to actually drive there. You’ll also be able to choose from a wider range of bras. Remember what I said about stores being able to cut costs because they don’t have a physical location? It also means they will be storing their lingerie in a warehouse where they don’t have to make room to display it properly. That means they have more room to store more sizes and types of designer lingerie.

You are also more likely to find the item that you want in your actual size. If not, they’ll probably allow you to back order it for when they re-stock so that you can just sit back and wait instead of having to keep checking back.

Get Measured Before You Buy

Perhaps the only disadvantage in buying designer lingerie online is that you can’t try it on before you buy. Just remember that you should know your measurements before you buy anything online.

Make sure you measure yourself properly on hips, waist, bust and under-bust so that you know what size you should be in bras, panties and even corsets. Knowing your size before you start shopping can save you a lot of time (and frustration) when you actually go to buy something.

After that, all you have to do is pick out the designer lingerie you want and have it shipped to your home. Most sites only take a couple of days to ship, so you won’t have to wait long! When it arrives, have fun and enjoy being sexy!

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