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5 Common Insects That People Eat



We all love to eat and try out different cuisines that usually entice our taste buds. When you think that you have seen and eaten different types of food possible, you will be surprised to find that there are edible insects that are also known to infest homes. Many people from different countries have already embraced the aspect of eating insects because of their exotic taste and rich nutrients. Here are five common insects that are known to infest crops and even homes, but they are also eaten as a dish or snack.


Although scorpions are known to be dangerous and poisonous creatures, they are also a diet for survival. When food has run out, those living or camping in desert areas can feed on scorpions for their rich source of proteins. Scorpions have become a popular food that they can also be found inside different lollipops and chocolates, including vodka drinks. Men have been known to have a particular preference for aged alcohol with a scorpion inside, because of claims made by oriental medicine that scorpions can help men regain vigor in their sexuality. However, since scorpions are poisonous, catching them and removing their tails before eating must be done by experts alone. Scorpions are often cooked skewered and fried, tasting like soft-shelled crabs. They are also very popular in China and Thailand.


Naturally, cockroaches are disgusting, but those you find inside your homes are not the same edible ones. So you do not need to cringe at the thought of eating cockroaches you usually see crawling about in your bathroom or kitchen, because they will be dirty. Cockroaches that feed on fresh fruits and vegetables are clean and tasty to eat. They can be fried, roasted, boiled, and sautéed. However, if you are looking for the best tasting cockroach that tastes similar to greasy chicken, you can opt for the Madagascar Hissing Cockroaches.

Crickets And Grasshoppers

Those who own crops will tell you that crickets and grasshoppers are annoying pests. Fortunately, they are also distinguished as a delicacy that they can be put to good use. These critters are often found in large numbers, so they are not likely to run out too soon. The more giant crickets and grasshoppers will have a tangy, earthy flavor because of the plants they feed on. Some food adventurers have a preference for these pests to be eaten raw. However, they taste better when cooked with garlic butter and fried, giving you a crunchy meal.


The first reaction people get when they see Tarantulas is fear. Their eight legs and hairy bodies often bring about disgust, and then fear overwhelms a person. Not everyone is aware that these pests are edible, but many people have already made them a part of their diet. Not only are they rich in protein, but they also taste like crab. Tarantulas are a popular street food found in Cambodia, and they are often cooked by frying and roasting.

June Bugs

These bugs can be eaten in their larva and adult stages. However, many prefer to feat on the adult bugs than the larvae. The Native Americans enjoy eating these bugs like popcorn, by roasting them over coals.