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How to Keep Fruits and Vegetables Fresh Without a Refrigerator?



You live in a cottage in a far-flung forest. There is no energy source, no electricity, no refrigerators, and all energy-consuming utensils. You bought that $$$ foods and fruits for an entire week and feel awful watching the fruits getting rotten too early.

It can happen in a forest, in a village, during camping and even when your refrigerator is mocking you. What to do about it? How to keep fruits and vegetables fresh when your refrigerator is not working?

Let’s see how you can do it:


To keep unripe fruits fresh, store them in oil. It will retain its freshness for a very long time. For ripening, fruits store them in honey. Both methods reduce the oxidation of food and prevent them from getting rotten.


Fresh vegetables are always have enhanced taste. To keep vegetables fresh add 3 tablespoons of vinegar in water and wash vegetables with it. Vinegar will not only keep vegetables fresh but also act as an antiseptic, killing the harmful bacteria.


The vinegar trick will not work for garlic. To keep garlic fresh for longer periods store garlic under the soil of pot plants or in your garden (mark the area). Whenever needed, dig the soil and cut the required amount you need. Do not forget to replace it. It will be wiser if you shower water regularly on the ‘marked garlic area.

Bonus tip:

To keep wheat safe and fresh

Well, you can’t keep wheat under soil neither you can wash it in vinegar! To keep wheat away from insects store it in a tin container or a cotton cloth bag. Add dry fenugreek leaves in the container before sealing it. It will not only keep insects away but will also enhance the wheat taste.