Simple Tricks That Can Help Combat Fatigue and Help You to Be Productive at Work

The hectic demanding lifestyle, credit crunches and eating habits are already taking a toll on one’s physical and mental being more than ever. With high levels of anxiety, stress, depression and fatigue, silent killers like hypertension are playing havoc- one is always on the lookout for ways to bust stress and reduce fatigue. In fact, simple ways to help combat fatigue like using anti fatigue floor mats can make all the difference which is often overlooked!

Bust the Fatigue

Recent studies revealed that fatigue and psychological stress are the major causes of sickness while almost two third workers in some parts of the country suffered from fatigue and stress induced depression. If one is always tired for no reason and heavily depending on that cup of coffee to drag oneself on, why not consider anti fatigue floor mats and see how life changes for the better?

Making simple lifestyle changes and eating healthy with increased fluid intake to fight chronic fatigue can work wonders. Drinking 2 liters of water every day will keep one hydrated as dehydration is one of the major causes of fatigue. Diet, too is crucial to help fight fatigue- indulge in multi grain diet to optimize nutritional benefits. A high fiber breakfast will keep one going throughout the day.

Make a great choice- consider anti-fatigue mats

Though these are common ways to banish the fatigue, the market is now flooded with anti fatigue floor mats that are a great option for those who spend long hours standing in their work place or even at home. In fact, there are industrially designed mats that enable workers to stand for long hours at the same work station, garage or home kitchen- cooking or baking delights for loved ones.

How do they work?

Anyone standing on their feet for endless hours will love anti-fatigue floor mats coming with multiple benefits as they are designed to reduce stress on feet and body. Engineered for comfort, ergonomic mats work by encouraging movement of the calf and leg muscles, promoting circulation of blood- thus pumping more oxygen to the heart and significantly reducing fatigue. Dynamic ergonomics is all about ensuring the worker’s comfort while standing by subtly increasing the muscle activity.

Pick heavy duty or a light duty mats depending on use. Additionally, these are excellent choice to reduce knee pain, back related injury, pronation- where one has excessive flattening of the foot resulting in severe heel pain, varicose veins- which are often the result of poor circulation and stagnation of blood flow in the lower extremities. The anti-fatigue floor mats are a great choice that will help reduce Cumulative Standing Trauma (CST) significantly while promoting productivity in the workplace significantly.

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