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Don’t Worry About Obesity, Go Diet Free: Tips to Taste Yummy Street Foods



Don’t worry about obesity, go diet free: tips to taste yummy street foods

Many people worry about their weight constantly, whether their worries are about looking unfit with their shirt off, or fitting in a special dress, or having unflattering photos taken. However, too many fret over their bodies to the point of ruining once-in-a-lifetime experiences while on vacation. The very last time anyone should be watching their weight is during a trip, especially with all of the diverse foods that can be found on the streets! You can’t eat just anything, though, both for health and enjoyment reasons; the following tips will help you to enjoy the best meals you possibly can – safely.

Health and Safety

The first – and most important – tip is to make sure the street vendor or food truck is serving food that is safe and healthy to eat. There are a few ways to figure out which street vendors are likely to be safe:

• Always go during peak hours: going to a street vendor right before they close could mean eating food that has been sitting out all day, so not only will the food not taste as fresh, it could lead to you hugging a toilet for the rest of your visit.
• Safe handling: make sure that the food handlers and cooks are using gloves while they handle ingredients, and that a separate person is handling the payments. Also, utensils should be cleaned regularly, and having a pack of baby wipes on you to do it yourself is not a bad option. A lack of either of these is a sure red flag.

Maximum Enjoyment

Once you’ve vetted the place to ensure hygiene, safety, and cleanliness, you’re free to eat with peace of mind! Armed with a full appetite, you can likely pick any number of street vendors and be highly satisfied. However, those looking to maximize their enjoyment of street foods can try a few strategies:

• Pick the vendor with the longest line of people. This seems obvious but it needs to be said. The food is probably delicious at a busy stand, but the food also has higher turnover, which means it’s more likely that the food is fresh and safer to eat.
• Pair the food with a local beverage or e-cigarette. Many dishes are designed to pair with drinks like wine, but flavored e-cigarettes can also satisfy those cravings for many. Vanilla flavored e-cigarettes go well with most types of foods, but those willing to experiment will find many complementary pairings with certain foods. Many popular flavored and unflavored e-cigarettes can be found at Liquido24, a highly rated e-cigarette website.

Trying the various street foods and vendors of a new or foreign city is a right of passage for many travelers. By experimenting with new foods, one can embrace a new culture while also getting to sample the world’s various delicious cuisines! While it can be daunting trying to figure out which vendors are legitimate, hygienic, and tasty all at the same time, by following the tips in this article you can rest easy knowing that your food will be clean, safe, and – most importantly – delicious!