Baby Bump Boot Camp – Keeping Your Pregnancy Body In Shape

That growing belly may give you the perfect excuse to lounge on the couch and eat ice cream, but staying tone will actually help you feel better during and after your pregnancy. You need to be even more conscious of your health now that you are living for two, so we are going to look at a few simple exercises that are safe and effective for expecting mothers.

Although the urge to head to the gym or walk around your neighborhood is less inviting when you are sporting a baby bump, it is still important to look for other ways to can keep your body fit and ready for the difficult journey ahead.

Exercising during pregnancy can benefit your body in a number of ways. For one, engaging in fitness routines can make you feel more comfortable in your changing body while giving you a renewed energy to handle the difficulties of pregnancy. Performing back stretches also relieves pain, as it tones and strengthens your muscles and spine. Additionally, exercise helps prepare your body for the upcoming journey into motherhood.

As you are at a sensitive stage, it is important to choose the right exercise routines that won’t harm you or your baby. Listed below are a few fitness routines that are safe for all expectant mothers.

Cardiovascular Exercises

  • Walking – Every morning, make it a point to go out for a brisk walk to keep your body moving and your heart pumping. Doing so also encourages proper blood flow to protect against swelling and foot pain. When you feel tired, simply take a couple of minutes worth of rest on a nearby bench before resuming your walking exercises. As you approach your due date, it would be wise to bring along a walking buddy to assist you if any problems arise.
  • Swimming – Healthcare professionals and fitness experts both advocate swimming as one of the safest and most powerful physical activities for pregnant women. Aside from refreshing your body, swimming also strengthens your upper and lower limbs.
  • Aerobics – A great way to control your weight gain and at the same time keep you busy is by enrolling in low impact aerobic classes for mommies to be. Its combination of stretching and strengthening exercises will allow your body to cope with the rollercoaster of physical and hormonal changes taking place as you wait for your due date.

Strengthening Exercises

  • Yoga – this popular fitness regimen combines spiritual, physical, and mental disciplines to keep both body and mind in perfect condition. With simple meditation and stretching routines, yoga can help build your muscles while keeping you lithe and limber.
  • Stretching – working on your back, legs, and feet through easy stretching techniques can go a long way towards preventing muscle strain and injuries.

Although there are many types of exercises available for moms to be, it is still important that you first consult with your doctor who can help you decide which fitness routine suits your body and needs best.

Once you are done with the exercise, have some fun thinking about this new stage in your life. Our Conception Date Calculator and Chinese Pregnancy Prediction Calendar are great ways to relax and plan ahead.

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