The Perfect Body, Mind and Soul

We all strive for perfection.  Be it on the sports field, in cooking or just in our day to day lives we want to be as good as we can be.  One of the areas of our life that many neglect is their own personal wellbeing – in your haste to please others and be the perfect friend you cannot forget about yourself.

Making the perfect you does not mean long hours spent at the gym or eating exactly the right food all the time, though.  Instead, the perfect you is simply when you feel the best, when you feel perfect in your own body.  To do this you need more than just the perfect body, you need the perfect mind and the perfect soul too.  You would be surprised at how easy these things are to reach, though, and there are some simple steps that you can take to help you reach it.

A Busy Mind Leads to a Busy Day

One thing that many people do not consider is their tidiness.  While you may keep your room clean and clear, you need to do the same with your mind too – after all, it is the room of your consciousness.  The first step, however, is always to tidy your surroundings.  By keeping the things around you tidy and clean, your brain does not feel so trapped and you can start to unclutter your mind.

One of the best methods to accomplish this is simply to take a few minutes every day and think back over what you’ve done.  Have you fulfilled your tasks for the day?  Were they easier or harder than you thought?  What do you have to do tomorrow?  All of these can help you to focus your mind and de-clutter your sub consciousness.

As you start to de-clutter your thoughts, you will realise that you’re able to concentrate more readily and able to absorb a lot more information: you’re part of the way there to gaining the perfect you.

Eat Well and Your Brain Eats Well

With your clearer head ready to absorb more information, you need to make sure that your brain gets all the energy it needs to process it.  Eating well is the cornerstone of living well so making sure you eat a balanced diet is essential.  Start by mapping out your food groups: it’s important to make sure you get enough of everything.

Eating well does not have to be a chore, however.  A few chunks of chocolate are not going to ruin your progress and indulgence is important for your own wellbeing so when you feel a craving have a bite or two, that way you’re less likely to binge at a later point.  Alcohol is another thing.  A glass of red wine every now and again has been proven to reduce blood pressure but three or four glasses will leave you heavy headed and unable to process simple instructions.  As with everything else, knowing when to stop is essential.

The same applies to exercise too.  If you work out too hard you can become too focused on the physical side of your development and leave your mind and your soul behind.  Instead work out as your body commands it.  A great way to start the day is with a brief work out.  If you have the time a short yoga routine before breakfast can really kick start your day.

Alternatively, if you need to get to work, try cycling it and eating breakfast once you get there.  You do not need to spend hours in the gym or hours deciding which foods will be best for your body and mind, instead you just need to follow some simple signals.  If anything you do causes you to feel unduly lethargic, then change it.  If morning exercise does not work, then look into something different: everyone’s body and soul is different and finding the perfect routine will not be the same for everyone.

It’s most important to make sure that you get plenty of vitamins and minerals in your diet.  If you have trouble eating enough foods that provide these essential nutrients then start to take vitamin supplements.  Just by absorbing plenty of vitamins and minerals you will be setting yourself along the path towards a more fulfilled life.

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