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Fighting Obesity One Food Group at a Time



The level of obesity has risen drastically over the past few years in the United States. Well, balanced diets have become a thing of the past, and food consumption choices have been determined by how quickly you can pick, make, or order something. This results in forming poor eating habits and increases the level of obesity in the population. However, what many people do not realize about eating a well-balanced diet is it can give you more energy, stabilize your mood, and keep your body healthier longer.  There are quite a few different procedures that can help you lose weight, such as gastric bypass and lap-band surgeries, where you must maintain bariatric eating after these procedures, but continuing a well-balanced diet is the key to fighting obesity.

Well Balanced Diet

The new, improved Food Pyramid comes in handy when creating a well-balanced diet. It shows what you should be eating and what should be eliminated from your diet. When choosing what type of grains to eat, it is best to remove white flour and starch, replace it with whole grains. It is recommended that you eat at least three ounces of grains a day. Vegetables are food that you should eat a lot of, especially green leafy veggies. Choose plants that are fresh or frozen rather than canned.

A lot of canned vegetables have a lot of sodium in them to help keep from them going bad.  Eating a variety of fruits can give you fiber and nutrients that you need daily. Many confuse this with drinking fruit juices. Fruit juices contain high amounts of sugar and do not provide as many nutrients as fresh or frozen fruits.

You should also avoid solid fats such as butter and margarine. However, there are good fats found in food such as fish, nuts, avocados, and olive oil.  A diet that has its category is milk, which is an outstanding food to have daily because it gives your body the calcium you need.  Always choose lean meats and poultry, along with cutting back on red meats. Nuts, beets, and seeds are a great alternative to get protein from.

Preparing Meals

When you prepare your meals, it is always better to prepare them yourself then select premade or frozen options. A lot of frozen meals are loaded with sodium, which makes them very unhealthy to eat. It is best to prepare all your meals at the beginning of the week so that you will not be tempted to change your mind or eat something quick to grab.

If you choose to get procedures, remember to accompany it with bariatric eating and a well-balanced diet. The key to maintaining a balanced diet is moderation; too much of anything is never a good thing.