Could Alcohol-Free Red Wine Bring Health Benefits?

Wine: from ancient history to health booster?

The history of wine goes back for many thousands of years, with some estimates indicating that it’s been around in one form or another for over seven thousand years. Quite what wine would have tasted like back then is anyone’s guess, but it’s safe to say that the cultivation of the grape is – if not as old as the hills, still pretty old indeed.

It’s only recently, however, that very moderate (1 unit of alcohol per day) wine consumption has been talked about as a health benefit. It’s well known that high alcohol consumption can actually be harmful for the heart. But as the British Heart Foundation (BHF) states: “There is evidence suggesting red wine may provide protection against coronary heart disease, but these findings still need to be established in controlled studies”.

So, while there’s a possibility that a small amount of wine might be beneficial, it’s still not clear if this is actually the case.

Importantly, the BHF advises that if you don’t already drink, then you shouldn’t begin to do so – and instead look after your heart by means of healthy eating and exercise instead, which are safer.

Non-alcoholic red wine: a new health food?

A new study recently published indicates that alcohol may have nothing to do with any suggested health benefits anyway. Researchers in Spain have found that people in a research trial who consumed non-alcoholic red wine saw a marked decrease in blood pressure. Interestingly, it seems that conventional red wine did also have a difference on the subjects’ blood pressure, but onky a very slight one.

These research results are interesting, and point to two possible significant factors – one, that there are chemical compounds in red wine that appear to be beneficial, and two – that the alcohol has to be removed before there’s any significant effect.

Your heart health

While this study may mean that in future there could be a whole array of non-alcoholic red wine products on the shelves, for now good heart health sense remains along the lines fo healthy diet, staying active, and not smoking. Of course, a glass of non-alcoholic red wine could help – but it’s not the easiest or the cheapest thing to find right now!

About the author: Jen Jones is a fitness enthusiast and blogger who writes on fitness, nutrition, cheap health insurance, and workplace wellbeing.

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