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Can Vitamin Supplements Really Enhance Overall Wellness?



If you’ve been a physical fitness enthusiast for any length of time you know that achieving wellness is an ongoing process. That process is built around regular exercise habits, healthy eating, and a whole lot of self-control (especially during the chilly winter months).

Of course the longer you’re in good physical shape, the easier it is to maintain those healthy habits that keep the blood flowing and the pounds off. But no matter how long you’ve been pursuing good health, there are always opportunities to take things up a notch. That’s where vitamins and nutritional supplements come into the picture.

Strategically adding supplements to your fitness and wellness routine can really help take you to the next level. Just remember, supplements and vitamins are meant to enhance your regular diet and exercise program, not replace it.

How Supplements Work

On the surface nutritional supplements behave exactly as advertised, they supplement your regular diet and fill in voids where you’re just not getting what you need. It may be that you just don’t eat certain foods that contain the vitamins and minerals you really need. Or it may be that your body requires more of a certain mineral than you’re getting through the foods you eat.

Finding the right mix of vitamins and nutritional supplements for your needs isn’t always easy and it’s not something you need to take on by yourself. While there’s nothing wrong with researching these sorts of things on your own on the Internet, professional advice should always be in the mix.

We suggest sitting down with your doctor before adding nutritional supplements to your wellness routine. Some of the symptoms that you think could be helped by a multi-vitamin, like fatigue, could be masking some serious illnesses. A simple blood test can go a long way towards helping you find out exactly which supplements you should be taking while screening for bigger health issues.

Avoiding Frauds

You won’t have to spend very much time on the Internet researching nutritional supplements before you realize that a lot of them just aren’t very good. Thanks to a lack of regulation in the vitamin and supplement industry, manufacturers are free to make some pretty wild claims about their products.

While most vitamin manufacturers and online drug stores are perfectly legitimate, we still suggest doing your homework before putting these products in your body. Even a simple Google search that includes the name of the product and words like, “fraud” or “scam” can be very enlightening. You might also post up a question about a product on an online forum to find out if others have had good experiences with it.

This is one of those times when a little research can go a very long way.

The Bigger Picture

Like we’ve said, nutritional supplements are just one piece of the wellness puzzle. There’s not a multivitamin on the planet that can take the place of regular exercise and a plant-based diet that’s light on junk food and red meat. But when implemented strategically, these products can help you boost your health to the next level.