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Dealing With A Serious Illness



Facing a serious illness can be one of the scariest events of a patient’s life.  Whether the diagnosis is hopeful or grim, the way the news is delivered can make a huge difference in your attitude about the future.  Many serious illnesses simply cannot be explained without further testing and treatment.  When you are facing an uncertain future, you want to have the absolute best people on your side.  While you have your family and friends to support you through your hard time, it is also imperative to your future health that you have a highly skilled and compassionate doctor who is working to help you get better.

Things To Consider When Choosing A Doctor

Cost is always going to be a factor in your health care, especially with the rising costs of insurance and medical care in the United States.  Although you want the best care, it is hard to escape the reality of what the best health care will cost you. Even with insurance, medical bills could easily send the average family into a mountain of debt that is hard to recover from.  Concierge medicine is an alternative to regular medical practice in that the insurance company is cut out of the middle, and your doctor handles the cost and fees for your care.  This increases the personal nature of the relationship with your health care physician, and also helps to lower your insurance costBefore you choose a doctor, make sure to research the benefits of concierge medicine.

The location of your doctor is also important.  If you have an emergency and end up in the hospital, you will want your doctor to be close enough to come quickly.  If your illness requires regular office visits, you can lessen stress levels by shortening the commute from your home to the office or clinic.  Long drives when you are tired and overwhelmed can only add to your negative emotions.  Simplifying the process by choosing a doctor closer to home can make all the difference in your treatment.

While skill and experience are incredibly important, compassion and sympathy from your doctor play a close second.  Make sure that if you are uncomfortable in any way with your doctor that you take the time to find another.  Having a doctor who tries to understand how you are feeling emotionally as well as physically can lessen the anxiety you feel each time you visit his office.  Confidence in his level of competency is also important.  You want a doctor who is well informed on what he is dealing with that also has large amounts of experience in the treatments you are considering.

Doctors Can Help You Heal Emotionally

While doctors are a necessity in dealing with physical ailments, a good doctor will also have the ability to help you to manage your emotions about your illness and give you confidence about your future.  Taking the time to find the right doctor makes a huge amount of difference in how you heal emotionally.  A doctor who is genuinely caring and sympathetic, who takes the time to understand your feelings and answer your questions, can give you the confidence and stability you need to face a future that may be uncertain.