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Detoxification for Spiritual & Physical Wellness



Cultures from various parts of the world have abstained from solid foods as part of health, spiritual, and religious rituals for thousands of years. Monks and nuns in Buddhist culture do not consume food after their midday meal. Members of Ancient Egyptian, Greek, Roman, Indian, and Chinese societies have & still do engage in fasting to cure various illnesses.

During the month of Ramadan, Muslims do not consume food from sunrise to sunset. In order to seek a connection with nature, some Native Americans regularly undertake spiritual fasting ceremonies.

Many homeopathic practitioners today believe that toxins are stored in hard to burn fat deposits and cleansing diets help effectively remove them from the system. During this process of facilitating the elimination of toxins, certain detoxification systems may be encountered. These may include headaches, fatigue, irritability, rashes, and acne, and usually begin to dissipate towards the end of the cleansing process.

Some people believe detox symptoms are simply associated with the diet itself or lack of caloric intake. They dismiss the fact that they eat toxic food, use chemical products, and breathe-in smog & pollution daily.

They disregard the fact that the accumulation of modern-day ‘manmade pollutants’ may be more than our organs were designed to handle – or eradicate effectively. To add even more detriment to our health, in 2010, it was reported that 69% of American adults were overweight. How should we expect our intestines and other organs to eliminate this surplus of foreign toxic waste effortlessly? For thousands of years people have been undertaking fasting rituals, but it may be more necessary now than ever before.

Some individuals choose to water fast for rapid results. Other alternatives may be better suited for more active people. A raw food diet can include varying food groups, but only fresh living enzymes (mostly fruits & vegetables) are consumed.

On a juice fast, freshly blended fruits and vegetables are typically the main ingredients. The holistic lemonade diet includes nourishment from lemon juice, organic maple syrup, and cayenne pepper. The average lemon cleanses recipe aka “master cleanse recipe” contains 1200+ calories a day, which is a sufficient amount to allow most individuals to function doing everyday tasks. However, you should always speak to a medical practitioner before undertaking any detox diet regimen.

Alternative and modern physicians alike have been studying the processes of body detoxification in recent times. Among them is the growing field of autophagy — the study of how cells metabolize and eliminate debris on a cellular level.

This process has shown to increase under conditions of decreased nutrient intake. Many practitioners believe fasting & cleansing diets may redirect energy to immune function & cell growth, increase tissue oxygenation, and release fat-stored chemicals. Besides the aforementioned physical benefits, detoxification permits one to hone in on one’s innermost thoughts, emotions, and feelings.

Homeopathic practitioners circa 3000 BC have believed that allowing the organs and digestive system to rest, can help revitalize one’s health. Although, science has come a long way over the ages; perhaps, we still have something to learn from our ancestors.