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The Healthy Benefits of a Juice Detox Diet



Raw fruit juices are vital for anyone looking to live a healthy lifestyle. With more vitamins and minerals than anything else, this aid the body in streamlining its functions and regenerating itself over time. Go on a juice detox to slow down the effects of aging, reduce the chances of developing chronic diseases, and look and feel great!

Easy Digestion

Useful sites such as Fruit Juice Facts inform us about all the vitamin C and disease-fighting chemicals within 100% fruit juices but rarely is all of this efficiently absorbed into the bloodstream. Juice detoxing gives your digestive system the chance to focus on the juice.

Since juice doesn’t take as long to digest, your stomach and intestines don’t spend as much time breaking down what you’ve just ingested. Instead, it focuses on the old matter already inside of you. Prominent blogger Linda Wagner describes how there’s roughly 8-10g of old matter in your digestive system at any one time. So allow your digestive system to clean itself and say goodbye to that ‘bloated’ feeling in the future.

More Energy

Leading on from the point on easy digestion, a juice detox also affords you more energy. It takes an astronomical amount of energy for the body to digest food. It’s why people typically feel sleepy after having a large meal. Even if you’re eating healthy, the body still takes away energy which you can use for other things. But since juice practically shoots right through you, the amount of energy wasted on digestion is minimal.

Spring Cleaning

Fruits and vegetables are superb natural cleansers. Swallowing them in high enough concentrations acts very much like an industrial cleaner in terms of strength. It’s the perfectly safe way to remove any lingering toxins within. The liver is a major beneficiary of the fast and quickly cleans up the effects of any bad habits; occasional drinkers of alcohol should see this benefit as the only reason they need to begin a fast.

Short-Term Fast

Just from these benefits alone a lot of people undergoing a detox believe the best option is to stick with juice all the time. This isn’t right at all. A juice fast is so effective because it only acts on a short-term basis. Dr. Brenda Watson, who authored The Detox Strategy explains how fasting for longer than five days can:

1. Cause a critical loss of nutrients in the body, which you can’t replace through juice alone.

2. Promotes the growth of the fungus Candida to transform into Candidiasis.

Fast regularly, but don’t attempt to do it permanently. Most users of the juice fast tend to find it’s fantastic for giving them relief from their conventional menus; like a little injection of energy.


Give yourself time to concentrate on other things. The beauty of any juice detox is simplicity. Throw any of your favorite fruits and vegetables into a juicer and start your evening meal. You now have a multitude of additional hours in which to become more productive and do more things with your life. Juice fasts impact every area of your life, so jump right in!