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Natural Health – Improving Your Health with Healthy Fruits and Vegetables



Drinking natural juice that you have made yourself has many health benefits. It naturally raises your metabolism and gives you outstanding stamina and energy. Although it may not seem like juice is very fulfilling, it can and does replace a whole meal and can keep those cravings for junk food at bay. If you are an older person, and the effects of aging are making you feel depressed, create a juicing habit. All of those nutrients will make you feel young again. A glass of veggie juice can improve your memory, combat the effects of growing older due to excessive free radicals in your system, and ease joint pain.

To make sure you continue to repeat this healthy habit, keep your juicer in sight on a kitchen cabinet. Picking out a juicer is essential too. A high-quality juicer that can operate at low speeds will help you create a glass of juice that is full of nutrients. Juicers that operate at extremely high speeds tend to obliterate the nutrients before you get to consume them.

How to Begin

If you are new to juicing, you need to realize that you need to use only fresh vegetables and fruits. Produce that is too ripe does not make a delicious juice. Make juicing a family project too. Kids can be in charge of washing the fruits and vegetables while you prepare them for the juicer.

When you begin making juice, you must use the entire piece of fruit or vegetable, skin, and all. They tend to be rich in fiber and antioxidants, the natural nutrients your body needs and craves. Keep in mind that a glass of juice should be a replacement for an entire meal. A pure glass of juice contains a lot of fruits and vegetables. When you look at the amount of food you are using in your glass of juice, it will make sense. Drinking juice also makes certain nutrients enter your bloodstream quickly. You may also want to consider creating your meal plans around the juices you prepare.

What Types of Fruits and Vegetables to Use

To improve your health and maintain it, you will want to use a lot of vegetables. Try to incorporate spinach or broccoli in at least three quarters to half of your juice. This will serve as a healthy choice in your overall diet. To keep your dark green leafy vegetables fresh longer, store them in zippered bags once you have cleaned them and dried them off.

Try using cucumbers in your juices to promote healthy skin and hair growth. Some more fruits and vegetables can help you improve your health when using them to make juice. A simple juice recipe to follow consists of always using two vegetables and one fruit. The fruit will provide a little sweetness as well as even more antioxidants. To make the best tasting juices, stick to using three ingredients. If you prefer a sweeter type of juice, then use two fruits and one vegetable. Using different vegetables and fruits in your homemade juice can help ward off constipation. For dietary purposes, use harmful caloric type foods such as cabbage, herbs, kale, broccoli, and other leafy greens.

Storing Your Homemade Juices

If you prefer to prepare your juice ahead of time, you will need to take some necessary steps to keep it from turning odd colors and looking bland. To keep the naturally bold colors of fresh juice from turning different colors, use lemon juice. Just a few teaspoons of lemon juice will keep your juice looking delicious. Lemon juice will not change the flavor either; it only preserves the natural color of the fruits and vegetables.