Chronic Diseases Strong Enough To Affect The Bodies And Minds Of People

Chronic diseases are nightmares to most people in the world as they are the main cause for the majority of death rates. Chronic Disease is a condition which is long lasting. It cannot be cured but controlled with the help of medication. According to the studies of The World Health Organization, chronic illness can even cause premature death.

Joint pain is something which is experienced by many of the people above 40 years of age. It usually prevents them from doing regular routine jobs easily. Injury affecting the ligaments and tendons round the joints are the areas where joint pain arises. The ligaments, bones and cartilages are also affected by joint pain. Climbing up the stairs, standing for a long time or working for continuous hours can increase the pain in the joints. It has to be noted that such pain is also due to arthritis or may be due to the tumors in the joint. Whenever one experiences continuous joint pain, make it a point to visit a physician at the earliest.

A Chronic ailment which embarrasses the patient in public places is Psoriasis. This usually causes thick patchy red rashes on the skin. These rashes have white or silvery scales and can appear anywhere in the body. Usually, the elbows, knees, scalp or the lower back are affected with this disease. This disease is often seen in adults than in children and is not contagious. Psoriasis affects nails and they become yellow in color and crumble. Immune system, environmental factors as well as genes play a major role in causing this disease. Psoriasis can be controlled with the help of oral medicines, creams, laser therapy, photo therapy or biologics.

Spondylitis is a common chronic ailment affecting a lot of people. Inflammation of the vertebral joints is the reason for Spondylitis. Pain gradually increases in the back or the neck, lower spine and shoulders. Difficulty in moving the neck, back and shoulders is experienced by the sufferer. Practicing Yoga can control Spondylitis. Taking in medicines also reduces pain in the affected areas, though many people fear side effects.

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