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How Healthy Is Your Digestive System?



How healthy is your digestive system?

Our digestive system is one of the most important systems in our body. It is affected by what we eat. While other systems within our bodies may be able to tolerate more pain and discomfort, issues concerning our digestive health can create severe problems.

Looking back, I am not positive exactly when stomach ulcers started being a problem. I learned the hard way that foods and beverages with a high level of acid were a no no, something my body simply couldn’t handle at times.

Stomach pain that wouldn’t go away

Because I didn’t have adequate health care when the problems began, I learned to deal with the occasional pain the best I could. I was unsure of what the exact problem was, but it was clear something inside of my stomach wasn’t working the way it was supposed to.

After a few months of not being able to eat at times due to severe pain, several family members and close friends started to notice that I was losing weight. Although I was nowhere near obese, losing a few pounds didn’t hurt and I enjoyed receiving the compliments people would give on the way I looked. However, I knew that the results were not due to a diet or an increase in exercise and that something inside of me was terribly wrong.

I had finally experienced all of the pain I could take and talked to my father about what was going on. Without hesitation he told me his side of the family had severe issues with stomach ulcers and it was something I needed to get checked right away. He wasn’t satisfied with the answer I gave, promising to look into the matter. He had me schedule an appointment for the following day and assured me he would be accompanying me to the doctor’s office.

Relief just in time

Although the doctor told us it was difficult to pinpoint exactly what had caused my ulcers, I was sure the amount of alcohol I was consuming was part of the mix. I don’t want to give the wrong idea. Alcohol by no means is a problem in my life. However, I do work as a server/bartender six nights a week and it was sort of a custom to enjoy a few rounds with co-workers after we had closed for the night. Some nights a few drinks would turn into more, others I would have one or two and make my way home.

The doctor made sure I realized I was smart to follow my father’s advice. He was confident that a simple prescription would handle the problems I was having, but if I had waited much longer, a surgery may have been needed. By taking the medicine he had given me, watching my diet and laying off of alcohol for a while, the doctor was sure I would return to health in no time at all. Now If I could just find a way to keep the weight from coming back.