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Best Workout Shoes For Your Fitness Routine



Some women obsess over Christian Louboutin pumps or Tori Burch flats. Unfortunately, this shoe passion stops at the athletic realm. Perhaps it’s because workout sneakers are not as sexy as high heels or over-the-knee boots. It’s a shame because the right pair of workout shoes can actually make your legs, and other assets, look better than a pair of designer shoes could (seriously).

More importantly, the right pair of workout shoes can allow you to run faster, jump higher, and keep going longer. I understand that not every woman is a die-hard athlete. And that basic sneaker jargon can be confusing to even a jock. Therefore, I’ve compiled a list of the best shoes for the elliptical, stationary bike, treadmill, and weight room. Just see which pair of kicks pair up best with your preferred exercise routine and you’re well on your way!

Mizuno Wave Elixir 7

Mizuno really hit the jackpot with these sneakers! Made of innovative lightweight materials, this pair will keep your feet steady but not heavy. Whether you’re taking laps in the gym or working the treadmill, this shoe is perfect for overpronators who want a tempo or race day shoe. Elixir 7 is great for those looking to make the transition to a more minimalistic running shoe. This shoe can also provide medial support.

Adidas Adipure

While other barefoot shoes have gained popularity with many runners, these Adidas barefoot shoes were made exclusively for the gym. Also unlike other barefoot shoes, Adipures provide extra cushioning so you don’t feel every jagged edge of the ground.

Wearing them while weight lifting can activate a wide range of muscles. They can also improve your balance. Adipures adapt to your foot, making them great for every foot type.

Nike LunarEclipse+2

Nike has created the ultimate one-two punch with the LunarEclipse+2. Perfect for runners who like to cross-train, these low-cut running shoes are ideal for the gym. With ultra-breathable mesh, this shoe provides unbelievable ventilation. Nike’s newest creation is versatile and less likely to contribute to ankle sprains during lateral movement—perfect for those Cross Fit or P90X workouts.

Brooks Summon 3

If you’re into box jumps or jump rope these shoes are for you. The heel and forefoot have chambers filled with fluid that will absorb shock from touchdown and dissipates throughout the entire sole. This cushioning also provides stability to the heel so it can provide support to the entire foot when it hits the ground. And they make a great addition to any outfit!

Under Armour Charge AC

Charge AC has a barely-there feel. With a touch of cushioning these babies are ideal for short runs or intervals. As an added bonus, the moisture-wicking fabric helps to keep your feet cool and dry all workout. Weighing less than ten ounces, these shoes are built to keep you light on your feet and moving fast. They’re great for those who spend time on the elliptical or stationary bike.