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Why Do You Feel Tired All the Time?



Why do you feel tired all the time?

It’s a very common complaint these days; feeling exhausted, worn out and lacking in energy. Is it just a symptom of the way we live our lives in the 21st century? Or is it a malaise that could be dealt with and resolved in most cases? There are many possible reasons why you might be feeling fatigued, but the resolution is quite possibly within your grasp. You just need to take control and identify the cause, to enable you to find a solution.

Back to basics

Before you look at anything more serious, you should make a honest appraisal of your lifestyle. Are you eating a healthy, balanced diet and having meals at regular intervals throughout the day? If you skip breakfast because you have to rush to get the kids to school before starting work, you are forcing your body to operate without having had any nutrition since the previous evening. It puts a strain on your system, leads to fluctuations in blood sugar levels, and can cause you to eat unhealthy snacks mid-morning. Fluid intake is one of the major causes of preventable fatigue, as people simply don’t drink enough. Two liters of water per day is recommended for most adults. Some of this will come from your food and regular drinks, but you should aim to drink at least a liter of water a day.

Stimulants and relaxation

If you need coffee to get you going in the morning, you’re using the caffeine as a stimulant, and following it up with a bar of chocolate to keep you going floods your body with sugar, which will only give you a temporary energy boost. Both may feel like they’re helping you get through the day, but in fact, they are causing a yo-yo effect on your body chemistry which ends up making you feel more tired in the long run. Taking some exercise that you enjoy and finding ten minutes to relax properly every day will be far more beneficial than resorting to the crutch of caffeine and sugar.

Whole body health

Stress is another major cause of fatigue, and it can be one of the trickiest to rectify. If you have a busy life and a lot of responsibilities, you can find yourself struggling to get everything done and have little time to devote to taking care of yourself. There are alternative therapies you can try which you may find beneficial in resolving your weariness, like Ayurveda, an ancient Indian treatment that focuses on your inner energies working in harmony with the energy of life. Find the best Ayurveda doctor you can if you want to explore this further, or do some research into other therapies, meditation, yoga, or whatever you feel you would be most comfortable undertaking.

If, despite taking all the steps you can to eradicate tiredness, you are still struggling, go and have a check-up to make sure there isn’t a mental or physical health condition underlying your lack of energy. Put your health first, because if you make no effort to address the aspects of your life that are causing your fatigue, you will end up making yourself sick. Take control now to ensure you live a happy, energy-filled life.