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Baby Bump to Hot Mama Get Your Body Back in Shape with Plastic Surgery



Modern women want it all, and rightfully so. Many feel the call of motherhood—the biological urge to give birth and raise a child, or children for that matter. After it’s all said and done, however, the desire to have their pre-pregnancy body can be strong. And while diet and exercise work wonders in helping women regain their old form, there are some physiological realities that cannot be addressed without additional measures.

Permanent Changes to a Woman’s Body

Pregnancy and motherhood are, in many actual ways, about a woman giving up her body for her child. That’s how nature intended it. Still, it can be hard to accept the permanent changes to the body. For instance, the breasts can change dramatically. After giving birth they can look droopy or deflated and lose much of their former volume. The abdominal region, too, goes through major changes. The muscles come apart to accommodate the fetus and are never the same. Loose skin, love handles, and stretch marks are other potential permanent features.

As real as these changes to the body are, it’s not to say that a woman can’t be beautiful after pregnancy. Childbirth and motherhood allow a woman to transcend herself and become someone entirely new, and there is beauty in that. Of course, many women still feel the call of their old self. They want to look attractive in the same way they were before pregnancy. That’s where plastic surgery can help.

Regain Your Figure

The first step a woman can take to regain her pre-pregnancy figure is to consult with a licensed plastic surgeon. During the consultation, a course of action will be decided upon. There are a number of procedures the surgeon offers including breast lift, breast augmentation, a tummy tuck, and liposuction. Whether all of these procedures or just some of them are performed is dependent on the woman’s body and the doctor‘s recommendation. Keep in mind, too, that breast augmentation doesn’t mean transforming what was formerly an A-cup into a D-cup. It simply means giving breasts their former springiness and shape.

Procedure Can Happen in a Single Day

Another benefit of a mommy makeover is that the actual procedure happens in a single day, not including the consultation, of course. With the plan in place, the surgeon gets to work, and before the woman knows it, her body has the look and feel it did before she was pregnant.

A procedure such as this is entirely cosmetic. That is, there is no medical value to having it done. It is simply a choice. For many women, the desire to have it both ways—being a mother but having the body of a non-mother—is strong enough to merit intervention. If it’s something that sounds desirable, there is no harm in consulting with a plastic surgeon. He or she will be able to give some perspective on the matter and help a woman decide if it’s the right thing to do. It is a relatively quick procedure, and once it’s complete, a woman’s body will again be her own.