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7 Tips And Tricks to Help You Eat More and Gain Weight



When you’re trying to gain weight, sometimes it can get very discouraging. You keep trying, only to find that you do not see results, or you do not see results at the rate you want to see them. What more can you be doing to gain weight?

To gain weight, you must be taking in more calories than you are burning. This is the most important thing to remember when trying to gain weight. If you don’t eat more than your body burns, you won’t gain any weight. So, when trying to gain weight, focus most of your efforts on eating as much food as possible.

Here are a few easy to implement tips and tricks that can help you to eat more (which can help increase your weight gain results):

*Don’t just focus on entrees.

At every meal, in addition to your main course, prepare a variety of tasty side dishes. Having this variety with each meal will help you to eat more at each setting. It will also help prevent you from becoming bored with your food. Also, with every meal, include a high-calorie beverage, as well as a yummy dessert! Keep your food exciting, and make sure you always have a variety of options every day and with each meal.

*Make a Meal Plan.

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Creating and following a meal plan can help you with your weight gain goals. If you need help with this, there are dozens of weight gain meal plans that you can find online. When making your meal plan, plan out your entire week in advance. Plan all meals (main dishes and side dishes!), snacks, and desserts. This way, you know that you are eating enough food each day to sustain your weight gain. This also makes it easy for you when you are having a busy day. No stressing about what you are going to make or eat. Just take a look at your meal plan and get to eating!

*Go to the grocery store and buy everything in advance.

Spend some time in the grocery store. Bring your meal plan for the week with you, and buy everything you need for that week’s meals and snacks. Also, go through each aisle. Pick out foods that you enjoy. Concentrate on high-calorie foods and carbs. Having your kitchen stocked full of foods that you enjoy will help you be able to eat as much as possible. Generally speaking, the more you eat, the more you gain, so make sure you always have access to a lot of food.

*Eat fast & avoid distractions when you eat.

The faster you eat, the more you can eat. You want to try to get in as much food as possible before your brain can realize that your body is full. So, avoid things that will distract you or cause you to eat slower. Conversations, telephone calls, and even books can distract you when you eat, causing you to eat less. Save these activities for after you are done with your meal.

*Take a weight gainer.

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Taking a weight gainer increases your appetite and slows your metabolism. This helps you to eat more food than you’d be able to on your own, and it also helps your body burn that food more slowly. Because it enables you to eat more food, taking a weight gainer can dramatically increase your weight gain results. Take a weight gainer 30-60 minutes before eating. Spend that time preparing the food you plan to eat.

*When you start to feel full, eat a little bit more.

When you are noticing that you are starting to feel full, load your plate full one more time. Add more food than you think you’ll be able to eat. Then make yourself finish that last portion. When you can see just that last plate that you need to complete, it’s like seeing that finish line within your meal. Load your plate up with more than you think you can eat, but remind yourself that after this last portion, you are done. This will help you eat more than you’d typically eat at each sitting.

*Set a timer to make sure you don’t miss meals.

Keep an alarm clock or timer with you at all times. If you have a cell phone, use the alarm on that. If not, have a watch with an alarm function, or carry a small timer. After each meal, set your alert for the time of your next snack or meal. Using this alarm will remind you each time you need to eat. Any missed opportunity to eat will slow down your progress, gaining weight. Utilizing a signal as a reminder will help you make sure you never miss a meal or snack.

Following these seven tips & tricks can help you eat more each day. The more you eat, the more you gain. So remember these tips: eat snacks & dessert, use a meal plan, stock up at the grocery store often, eat fast, take a weight gainer, eat one large portion after you start to feel full, and set a timer never to miss a meal. If you follow these tips, you should be able to eat more food than you were able to before. As you can eat more each day, you should see yourself reaching your weight gain goals quicker than you thought possible!