Dealing With Foot Pain

Being able to walk comfortably is something we all take for granted and it isn’t until you hurt your foot or develop some sort of ongoing problems that we realise how important looking after our feet is to our overall wellbeing. Many foot problems can be caught before they become a problem, but you have to know what to look out for.

Athlete’s Foot

One of the most common foot problems is athlete’s foot. It is generally not serious, but if left untreated can result in nails having to be removed and sore, irritated feet. Athlete’s foot is a fungal infection and can be treated by an over the counter cream which is rubbed directly into the affected areas. Fungal infections love warm, damp areas so once the athlete’s foot has cleared up, stop it from coming back by ditching the trainers and switching to Crocs crocbands around the house which will let your feet breathe.


Veruccas are mostly associated with swimming pools, but they can be picked up in a whole variety of locations. A verucca is just a wart which grows on the sole of the foot, and instead of growing outwards, the pressure of walking forces the verucca into the foot. They are generally not painful but can grow large and uncomfortable. Over the counter ointments and creams are effective on smaller veruccas, but if you have lots or they are not responding to treatment, the doctor may advise other options instead.

High Heels

Many women find that wearing high shoes give them confidence and improve their posture, but wearing very high heels for long periods of time can put a huge amount of strain on your calf muscles and the soles of your feet. Many styles of shoe also constrict the toes together and can cause corns and callouses to appear too. If you are suffering from high heel related pain, consider switching to a lower heel rather than a stiletto, and keep your Crocs crocbands in your desk drawer to swap into when your feet start to get sore. Prolonged problems with pain in the feet should always be referred to a doctor for proper diagnosis.

Toenail Problems

Fungal infections can cause problems with your toenails, but one of the most common problems is an ingrowing toenail. Always cut your toenails before they get too long, but never be tempted to cut right into the corner of the nail. Corners of nail and continue growing into the flesh of your toe, and this can be very painful. If it becomes infected, antibiotics may be required so see your doctor.

Corns and Callouses

A corn is just a thick and hard area of skin which appears on your foot or toe wherever there is pressure. Corns can appear on the balls of the feet in high heel wearers, or on the side of the toe if shoes are too tight. Corn plasters can be used to break down the hard skin, but if any problem is ongoing then see the doctor or a chiropodist.

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