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Having Stupid Attacks? Blame Your Cell Phone



Are you having more stupid attacks lately? Maybe it’s got something to do with the radiation coming from your cell phone. More and more scientists and researchers see an association between brain activity and related problems and the radiation known to emanate from cell phones.

The Science

In a study done in 2009 which looked at the ramifications of radiofrequency radiation (RFR) exposure to standard type cell phones, some startling facts were noted. This study verified what researchers had long suspected, i.e. that slower response times and cognitive activity involving spatial problems were linked to RFR exposure.

In the study, researchers placed operative cell phones next to the head of research subjects and found that the longer the cell phone was there, the more difficult it was for test subjects to do their labors. Specifically, right-handed individuals subjected to RFR radiation on the left side of their brain had more difficulty performing their tasks than subjects exposed to the inoperative cell phone on their right side. This would seem to show the complicity of the only variable in the experiment… i.e. the cell phone radiation itself.

Prior to this experiment, there have been many claims by both researchers and consumers that prolonged exposure to cell phones seemed to bear on their mental acuity but up to this point, nobody had been able to design an experiment to properly isolate and examine the relevant factors. This experiment appears to do just that and thus has been the subject of great interest from both cell phone manufacturers as well as human performance and behavioral experts.

As cell phones become increasingly ubiquitous in our society, it’s paramount that their effect becomes better understood. There have been many previous claims that cell phone radiation (AKA: RFR) was detrimental to health. The claims range from stomach problems, insomnia, headaches, dizziness, ADHD, and other health problems that appeared to not be related to anything else.

Governments Agree

Governments and regulators have been reluctant to side with either ‘camp’ in this debate but have somewhat reluctantly said that it is a ‘definite maybe’ that there is some connection. Until the evidence is more conclusive, it only seems wise for consumers to take protective measures on their own.

One such protective measure is a device known as Aires Defender made by the Aires Shield company of Canada. This device effectively neutralizes and dissipates all known harmful EFR frequencies by means of a high-tech microprocessor embedded in a multilayer film which affixes easily and quickly to the back of a cell phone. The product and more information are available online.

Radiation and health risk aside: The sad reality is that we are never focused on what we are doing. We are constantly trying to manage numerous communication sources, your phone, email, social channels, direct communication, etc.. try shutting your phone off on vacation and stick to face to face communication only – I guarantee, you have not felt that good in years!