How To Cope With Age Related Health Problems?

Every year we see positive statistics to suggest that those living longer is continually rising. Obviously this can only be a positive fact but the true harshness of reality suggests that the longer we live the more likely we are to be affected by ill health. Here we look at some of the common ailments which many are currently facing and what can be done to ensure ill health is kept at bay during our latter years.


Recent reports suggests that 1 in 3 over 60’s are overweight. This can be down to factors such as ones metabolism slowing down and a lack of exercise. The added risk seen with this increase in obesity is that this can lead to further health problems such as diabetes, heart disease and some cancers. What can be done to tackle such issues?

Simple, a calorie controlled diet and regular exercise. This doesn’t have to be strenuous exercise but consider increasing the distance you walk or cycle. In Fact, many gymnasiums have fantastic facilities and deals specifically aimed at the older clientele, so it’s well worth seeing what is actually available in your area.

Loss of Hearing and Vision

As our age increases its highly likely that we may suffer with either a decrease in visual and hearing abilities, it’s a given. With reports of  those suffering with glaucoma and cataracts on the increase, now is the perfect time to try and fend off such problems.

Studies have found that a diet containing high antioxidant levels is one of the best preventative methods in place to fend off such health problems. For those worried about their hearing, consider what you are doing in your life that could be affecting this valuable sense? IPods and noisy environments all attribute to problems with hearing. If you are worried consult with your GP who can prescribe specific ear plug defenders and advice on alternative options.


Injuries suffered in the past either through work or play can come back to haunt many during the later years of life. The common areas many report issues around are the joints, so we’re talking elbows and knees. Brought on by one to many mis-timed tackles or by wearing the wrong choice of footwear.

The best preventative method when dealing with the symptoms of arthritis is exercise. Yes exercise. Regular exercise keeps the joints supple and active. It’s important to remember though that if you are to feel any pain to stop immediately. Remember always to consult with your GP prior to taking up any exercise routines.

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