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Temperature Measurement Devices – The Most Common Uses And Their Benefits



Having the proper equipment to measure temperature is important in a number of industries. For example, doctors and nurses need precise temperature measurement devices when they’re treating patients, and HVAC professionals need to be able to accurately measure temperatures while they’re installing your air conditioner and heater.

In addition, biotech lab technicians rely almost exclusively on accurate temperature measurement when they’re performing research to create new medicines and studying organisms. With so many different types of industries dependent on temperature measurement equipment, there is a big need to create different devices to fill specific industrial requirements.

Super-sensitive temperature measuring equipment is routinely utilized in industries where precision is extremely important, so a lot of time and effort has been expended to create equipment that’s able to provide readings and information in minute detail.

Temperature Measurement Devices Available Today

Below is a sample of the different types of technology and equipment that are available to monitor and measure temperature. Each device is created for a specific purpose, but a few of them are able to perform various functions.

Resistance Temperature Detectors

These detectors are also called resistive thermal devices and they are electrical temperature measuring devices that are tremendously accurate at measuring electrical resistance. They can be connected to a personal computer or a handheld device, such as a smartphone or tablet for monitoring.

Smart Sensors

These devices are incredibly sensitive and they’re able to pick up small changes in temperature, electrical signals, and even movement. They’re able to collect and send data to a temperature indicator much faster and with more precision than a regular sensor.


They are not as accurate as other temperature measurement devices, but they’re widely used in certain industries because they are inexpensive. They are designed to produce very low levels of electrical current and are able to read a wide range of temperatures quickly.

Industries that Rely on Temperature Measurement Equipment

Listed below are the different types of industries that rely heavily on the temperature measuring devices, sensors, and probes. Aside from the medical profession, most of the industries listed below serve the business to business needs.

Microprocessor Manufacturers

These companies rely on temperature measurement devices that are programmable and specially calibrated to measure the air temperature of a room. Microprocessors are made in ‘clean rooms’ that must maintain a specific temperature at all times.

Electrical Power Plants

Power plants use resistance temperature detectors to monitor the fuel that’s used to run the plants. They are also used to monitor the temperature of the coolant that’s used to maintain the equipment at set temperatures.

HVAC Manufacturing & Installing

Heating, cooling, and ventilation systems all require accurate temperature readings. HVAC companies use thermistors, which are very accurate at reading both hot and cold temperatures.

The technology that’s used to create temperature measurement devices is constantly changing. Improvements are made every day in the devices’ ability to accurately measure temperatures and send information to monitoring devices.