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Consider This: Social Effects of Drug Abuse



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We often hear about the physical and mental side effects of drug abuse, but it seems that the social side effects are often swept under the rug as if they don’t matter much. However, the fact is that the social effects of drug abuse can be just as devastating and life-altering as the other two. What are some of the social side effects of drug abuse that you may have not considered before?

Damage to Marriage and Other Relationships

Unfortunately, many who suffer from a drug addiction tend to neglect their spouses and other loved ones in their lives. They become self-centered, as they are dependent on another substance for their happiness. Sometimes they become physically or emotionally abusive. In addition, they may let their everyday obligations to their loved ones go by the wayside.

They may neglect paying bills or taking care of other important matters. They may also dig themselves into financial holes, which always puts strains on relationships, particularly marriages. Or perhaps the loved one is simply ashamed of the addict’s behavior and can no longer handle the embarrassment of the situation. Because of these overwhelming issues, many marriages and homes are broken up when drug addiction is involved. The loved one simply cannot handle all the stress that has entered into the relationship.

Problems at the Workplace

Those who have become entrapped in a drug addiction often change their behavior dramatically at work, whether with their boss or their coworkers. Instead of being punctual and dependable, they become lazy and lax in their responsibilities. This often means others must “pick up the slack” for the individual.

Or they may become violent and aggressive with those they are with, which can lead to tension and legal problems in the workplace. In addition, the suffering individual may lose his or her judgment and steal from the company. All of these issues generally lead to the individual getting fired, which again, leads to a more financial burden on family and home relationships. These issues are all quite interrelated, which once again highlights the fact that the drug addict is not the only person who suffers from the addiction.

Trouble With Law Enforcement

As mentioned earlier, many who suffer from a drug addiction turn to a life of crime. They do this to get the substances they are so dependent upon at any cost. They may turn to steal or illegal drug dealing for these reasons.

Because of this, individuals suffering may ruin all friend and family relationships because they have either stolen from them or have compromised them in some way. In addition, they jeopardize any positive interactions or reputation they may have with society and law enforcement. Many times, they will end up in prison because of the desperate things they do to obtain illegal substances.

It is easy to see that those with a drug addiction do not just affect themselves. The social effects of drug abuse are far-reaching and are difficult to repair once they have occurred. The detrimental consequences of such actions are all interrelated, making the web tangled and painful. However, for those who are searching, there is always help through drug rehab programs and other means to help these individuals get back on their feet.