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Staying Healthy While Traveling: Some Tips For Sticking To Your Diet On A Vacation



Staying healthy on the road is mostly a matter of planning ahead. If you know how you’re going to eat, have a consistent meal and exercise plan, and avoid the foods and beverages that make you gain weight, dieting on the road becomes a simpler task. What’s more, many of these health-conscious steps will be as kind to your pocketbook as they are to your body.

Bring Along Healthy Foods

If the distance you’re traveling is conducive to packing a healthy lunch, then by all means do so. USA Today Travel recommends that you put together easy-to-carry healthy snacks like nutrition bars, popcorn, sliced fruits such as apples or chopped veggies such as carrots or bell peppers, and trail mix.

And if you are lucky enough to be staying in an extended stay hotel, you can even buy items such as whole wheat pasta, canned vegetable soups, cottage cheese or yogurt, and another good-for-you fare that you can keep in your cooler or in your hotel fridge. Cook these foods up in your hotel instead of eating in the on-site restaurant to save both calories and money.

Additionally, if you’re heading out on plane instead of by car, consider looking for fruit, yogurt, and other granola bars in airport stores after you pass through security. The food won’t go through the X-Ray machine, and you’ll avoid filling up on candy bars and chips.

Avoid Alcohol

It’s common while waiting for a plane to spend time in airport restaurants and bars, and while there are some healthy things to order on the menu, health-conscious travelers should avoid alcohol. Beer and wine possess plenty of calories, and if you’re dieting, these beverages while pleasurable may not be your friend. reports that most wines carry between 110 and 120 calories per glass, assuming that it’s a standard 5-ounce serving. And some dessert wines have almost 200 calories — not to mention the desert that goes with it.

Beer drinkers don’t get off the hook much easier, either. The average glass of beer contains 145 calories with a 5% alcohol count while their higher alcohol counterparts can pack in as many as 330 calories. Light beers are a little friendlier to the waistline at about 110 calories, but traveling dieters shouldn’t be fooled. Drinking several glasses of light beer with dinner can add up.

Getting Enough Exercise

Life spend in hotel rooms is not always conducive to a person maintaining an exercise routine, but there are a few things that the modern traveler can carry along that will help in this arena. Bring equipment like exercise bands as well as workout routines you can play on a DVD player. If available, try to access an on-site pool or gym.

Good health ensures that you’ll have plenty of energy to face what life throws at you. Traveling can cause stress, but there are things you can do to keep your body tuned up and healthy. Planning your trip and knowing what amenities each of your destinations will have to go a long way in helping you be healthy away from home.