Coffee Addiction – It’s Effects and How To Deal With It?

Coffee is fondly known as the World’s favorite beverage. It is estimated that Americans drink over 400 million cups per day. Coffee is one of the highest sources of caffeine, a drug which is easy to get addicted to, so much so, that it has evolved into a social drink. You are a Coffee Addict if you:

  • Have an unspoken rule to have coffee before any important meeting, because you perceive you will be attentive and alert in advance
  • Don’t take cream in your coffee because it leaves less room for the coffee
  • Re-plan your monthly expenses to allocate increased spending on coffee than the essential commodities
  • Share a rapport of a first-name basis with most of the staff at your favorite coffee shop!

What are the Effects of Coffee Addictions?

Cutting down or eliminating coffee from your routine, you will experience withdrawal symptoms including headache, drowsiness, mood swings, Flu-like symptoms, Fatigue, Low tolerance levels. Coffee also de-hydrates the system. The other effects include Anxiety symptoms, reduced Calcium and iron levels in women, increased cholesterol levels, heart disease, arthritis, stroke and so on.

Apart from the above, coffee is also said to reduce one’s ability to prioritize work. Coffee will affect your sleeping habits and will make you unable to focus on any given task. To those of you, who cherish their smiles, here is the bad news – Coffee stains a person’s teeth.

How do you deal with coffee addiction?

Like any other form of addiction, the first step would be to accept that you are addicted. This should be followed by analyzing the pattern of addiction, like the time of day when you feel the need for a hot cup, or if you have to have coffee before, during or after a particular activity – like reading or after waking up from sleep.

Once analyzed, be conscious of these situations. It is not practical to reduce the intake dramatically, as this will backfire. Reduce the frequency/ quantity gradually. Furthermore, look for an alternative – a less addictive drink. In order to sustain all the above steps, make sure to inform people around you, of your objective to tackle coffee addiction.

Coffee as such helps wonderfully in getting rid of headache and fatigue. But anything consumed in excess, is bound to cause harm to you and your family in turn. So, enjoy all edibles as well as drinks, but in the right proportions to enjoy the life to the maximum.

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