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Interesting Facts about Orthodontics and Braces



Dental braces are dental appliances that are used to correct the alignment of teeth and the jaws. These orthodontic braces help to improve the functionality and appearance of the teeth. Braces that serve a variety of purposes are usually made of metal or ceramic. It can be chosen according to the desires of the patient. It is mainly used to correct the position of the teeth and straighten them. The lower and the upper jaws can be aligned perfectly with the use of braces.

Appropriate Age for Orthodontic Treatment

Although orthodontic braces can be used at all ages, doctors recommend the ages between 8 and 14 years to correct the alignment of incorrect teeth. Teeth irregularities may occur due to many reasons which include crowded teeth, misalignment of teeth, crooked teeth, and so forth. This can even cause an imperfect bite. It takes a long time for adults to correct the position of the teeth as their bones have stopped growing. Therefore doctors recommend orthodontic braces at a young age. For the best orthodontic dentist, Anchorage is one place that is often recommended.

Different Types of Orthodontic Braces

Various types of orthodontic braces are made available today which vary according to individual requirements. There are different types of braces for teenagers, kids, and adults. Some of the most common types of teeth braces include the following.

Clear ceramic braces: Made of composite materials, the ceramic braces are less noticeable and non-irritating to the gums and cheeks. It is quite strong compared to the other braces.

Metal braces: The conventional metal braces are among the most widely used braces which are less expensive. It seldom breaks as it is very strong.

Lingual braces: The most convenient form of teeth braces is the lingual braces which can be recommended for people of all ages. It is usually placed on the rear end of the teeth. Most of the dentists in Anchorage recommend conventional types of teeth braces for youngsters and adults.

Invisible braces: The Invisalign invisible braces are preferred by youngsters and teenagers as it is invisible to the naked eye. These braces are clear and made of plastic aligners. However, these braces can be worn only for 22 to 23 hours a day. It needs to be replaced with a new set after two weeks.

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The cost of dental treatment varies according to the type of clinic, braces, and type of misalignment of teeth. To find the best dentists, Anchorage in AK can be chosen as there are dental clinics that provide exemplary services in the field of orthodontics and dental surgeries.