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An Orthodontist In Edmonton For Different Types Of Braces



Crooked teeth or an overbite or underbite can make you feel very insecure, and you could avoid talking to people you don’t know or avoid public speaking because of the cosmetic problems you have. With the help of an orthodontist in Edmonton, you can get corrective treatment like braces applied to your teeth, to treat the problems that are causing your insecurities. There are many different types of braces that you can get if you’re worried that you don’t want the traditional metal shiny braces you often see.

Stainless Steel

Stainless steel braces are the most popular, and many teens get these because there are the most affordable for their parents. These braces aren’t going to rust or tarnish, they’re very durable for the orthodontist in Edmonton to adjust when needed, and they are the most common braces you’ll see. If you’re worried about the stainless steel staining your teeth, you’ll want to ask for the models with nickel-titanium also. Some people cover the stainless steel with ligatures to change the color of the braces. This can make people more comfortable wearing braces.


Porcelain is a more popular choice for adults who are self-conscious about wearing braces at their age. The porcelain squares that are going to be bonded to the teeth are going to be white, so they aren’t as easy to notice. The brackets are still going to be composed of metal, so there is still visible metal in the mouth. Porcelain isn’t as durable as steel, so there is a higher risk that one of the pieces can chip or break, and the porcelain braces are going to cost a lot more money than the steel braces. They are also harder to keep clean.


Lingual braces are placed on the interior of the teeth, the backsides, instead of on the outside where everyone can see them. These are for people that don’t want their braces to be seen, and for special cases that need different realignment. Some Edmonton orthodontists won’t apply these types of braces to the teeth for cosmetic reasons, since they’re much more difficult to change when needed and more difficult to tighten. Patients that are looking to get these should expect to pay more money than getting the traditional braces that go on the front of the teeth.


Invisible braces are growing in popularity quickly, and not all Edmonton orthodontists have been trained to do these. These are braces that are mouthpieces that you wear all day long, and some people wear them throughout the night, and their very difficult to see. This is great for adults that don’t want people staring at their braces when they talk, and for those looking for a more subtle way to change their teeth. Not all teeth can be corrected with these braces, so you’ll need to set up a consultation to see if your problem can be fixed with these. These are going to be more expensive than most other types of braces.

Some people will even want gold braces, which aren’t always durable, and cost a lot of money. When getting braces put on, you should expect to have to go back to the dentist every 6 weeks to 8 weeks, so that the braces can get tightened. Talk with the Edmonton orthodontist about the time that you’re going to need to wear the braces, so you can realistically plan when you’re problems are going to be corrective, and so you can budget the expense of wearing braces, and paying for orthodontic services. If you have a cosmetic dental concern, get it fixed.