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What Are Invisalign Braces, And Are They Right For You?



A New Technology

There is an exciting new technology that enables people to have their teeth straightened without many of the problems associated with traditional braces. Known as Invisalign, this product will straighten your teeth without many of the hassles associated with braces. They are made as a single piece of clear plastic that fits over your teeth. They can be removed when the need arises and are not noticeable when wearing daily.

Great For Adults

The technology behind Invisalign makes it easier for adults to have their teeth straightened. Many adults, who needed braces as a child, come from families that could not afford them. As adults, the situation has changed. The money is available, but there is no desire to have traditional braces on your teeth. Many people would find it embarrassing and awkward to be seen wearing what would usually be seen on a teenager.

Seldom Noticed And Easy To Use

These invisible braces give adults a new option. An adult can now go through the process of having teeth straightened without any of the social and psychological aspects associated with wearing traditional braces. The benefits do not end there. With conventional braces, you have to be careful what you eat because cleaning your teeth with braces can be difficult. With a plastic aligner, you can take them off and eat what you want. When you need to brush and floss your teeth, you can take the aligners off. It is much easier to take care of your teeth with this new technology.

Custom Made

These aligners are custom made for your particular teeth. Unlike traditional braces that need to be tightened over time, these aligners are changed out every couple of weeks to reflect the movement in your teeth as they straighten out.

Not Just For Adults

Teenagers still need braces today as they have in the past. The good news is that Invisalign is not just for adults. Teens can enjoy all the benefits that adults can have using these aligners. Teenagers are often more conscious of their appearance than adults, and having braces can be a miserable time of their life.

With these clear aligners, they will not experience any teasing about their smile, and they will not have to go through what many children have gone through in the past. If you are an adult that had traditional braces as a child, you know all of the negative aspects of wearing braces. By using plastic aligners, your child will have their teeth straightened without the social stigma. They will also avoid the hassle of eating and cleaning their teeth with traditional braces.

They Are Not Expensive

Will all of the advantages of using this type of aligner, you would assume that they are costly. The fact is, they are not much higher in cost than traditional braces. In some cases, the price is the same. You owe it to yourself, or your child, to get a quotation for this type of technology. In some cases, insurance will pay a part of the cost, and most dentists will offer payment plans.