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How to Tell Someone That They Wear Too Much Cologne?



Colognes have magical effects on a man’s personality as they are one of the finest scents ever. They are earthly, sophisticated, masculine, and rugged, so much so that it won’t take more than few minutes for a girl’s heart to melt if you are wearing great cologne that connects to her.

Too Much of Cologne Can Be Disastrous!

As much as wearing them right has wonderful effects, going overboard with them can ruin it all, so much so that people around can even feel like puking!

Earlier men never used to apply too much of perfumes on their body but the current practice of using deodorants has spoiled their habit. Today many men apply colognes like they use deodorants and they end up soaking themselves with the former; this in turn creates a suffocating environment around them, which is very repulsive. Unfortunately, men don’t realize unless they are told about the bitter truth.

Impact of Too Much Cologne

If you have been an unlucky soul who has suffered in past or continues to suffer daily because of one of your relatives, friends, coworkers, or husband or boyfriend wearing too much cologne, then you know how quickly things get irritating. If the cologne is way too much you might even end up gagging. This happens because our brains get a signal of many unhealthy and unknown chemicals in the air but due to cologne used by people around you. So we know that along with being unpleasant, too much of cologne can also be dangerous.

How to Politely Tell Someone?

Now the big challenge is to a man that he wears too much cologne without disrespecting or offending him? Well, you just need to be tactful and polite and quickly say without paraphrasing that he is wearing a little too much of cologne today. Don’t talk about other stuff, and they’re just being honest and straightforward with a caring smile on your face.

Just tell them to use a little lesser the next day and try to explain how much of cologne one should use. You can even try to help them in selecting the right cologne for them. This would make them feel at home even when you explain things over and again.

While approaching someone to tell that they are using a tad too much today, think a bit about what you would say. Be a bit informative and easily you can change those people into very pleasant smelling individuals. If the person still doesn’t get it right and struggles with the proportion, go ahead and explain the right quantity that they should ideally apply.

And, always remember to strike a conversation like a friend or a brother and sound protective about the person. Don’t say it into their face in a sarcastic or repulsive manner!