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How Can You Tell If Someone Has A Cocaine Addiction?



The highs that come with experimenting with a drug are very quickly far outweighed when the weight of a serious addiction begins to take hold. Addiction to any substance is an illness and can ruin multiple aspects of a person’s life and will also often have a negative impact on those around the sufferer. In numerous cases, the addiction has taken over to such an extent that the person has died from the effects of the drug. Cocaine is extremely addictive and if you know someone who you suspect has a problem with the drug then here are the warning signs to keep an eye out for.

A change in behavior and attitude
Drugs may make you feel good when the high kicks in but the reality of addiction are the starkest reality that anyone could ever get with regard to how dangerous they can be. If someone has become hooked on cocaine then you will be able to notice it in the way that their behavior has changed.

It is typical for cocaine addicts to become cut off from their usual routine and this includes their employment, friends, and family. There will be a source (or a number of them) that will be providing the person with the drug and it is common for an addict to begin associating with the people who feed and share their habit. If you know that they used to have a big interest in something but this seems to have faded then it could be one of the symptoms. Paranoid behavior is also something to look out for and you can see the outward effects of this through panic and sweating.

Nosebleeds and other effects
Cocaine and its effects have been depicted many times in film and fiction so you may well have seen what it can do to someone. Heart attacks from excessive use of the drug are possible and people can suffer from nose bleeds. The substance is particularly damaging to the nose and some cocaine users have had their septum destroyed by it.

Money troubles
Although problems with money can be shared by people who are doing their very best in all areas of their life it is a typical problem with drug addicts. When it comes to cocaine all caution goes out of the window as the person gets well and truly hooked on it. It is certainly not a cheap habit and before they know it they may have blown thousands of pounds on the drug.