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Weight Loss

Lose Weight and Feel Great This Holiday Season



Are you looking to lose weight this holiday season? Well, Thanksgiving is just around the corner and that means lots of food and for most people family time which means eating time. Thanksgiving is a holiday of celebration and giving thanks but also appreciating the wonderful food that we get to eat.

However, the holidays can be a dieter’s nightmare. With all the added calories, the extra sugar, and the fat in the foods, it makes losing weight next to impossible. That is of course unless you have a go-to guide to help you stay on track. These tips will help you lose weight and feel great this holiday season.

Drink Extra Water

It’s important to make sure that the majority of your calories are not coming from liquids. Many people don’t realize that they gain weight because of the calories that they are drinking. For a good start. avoid sugary drinks like soda and high sugared fruit juices.

Instead, drinking juice that is freshly squeezed can be good for you. You can turn water into tasty water with some flavor and thereby adding sprinkles of peppermint mint lemon or lime.

Flavor Up Your Water

Flavoring your water is a great way to enjoy more water and also hydrate your body. Drinking Lots of water is also good for your mouth and smile. Dentists appreciate people who drink a lot of water because normally they will have better oral health care.

This is because drinking water helps wash away food particles that can stay on the teeth and increase bacteria buildup in the mouth. Bacteria build-up can ultimately result in cavities and tooth decay.

Pack a Travel Size Toothbrush

Studies show that people who brush their teeth after every meal usually weigh less than people who do not. This is because they don’t usually go for seconds.

Dentists will tell you that the holidays are a great time too. But that doesn’t mean this time of year makes your dentist happy. Chances are you may forget to brush your teeth during the holiday season. Instead, pack a travel-size toothbrush and toothpaste so you can keep your teeth cleaned on the go. People who brush their teeth after every meal usually have fewer cavities and oral health care problems and they weigh less, this is because they take a proactive approach to their health.

You don’t have to gain weight this holiday season with these easy-to-follow or healthcare tips you can lose weight and feel great.

You can just talk to your Dentist about a proper oral health care routine during the holidays to help you and to ensure that you have a happy healthy holiday.