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5 Simple Tips For Stalling Weight Gain on Holiday



We all like to indulge in the luxuries of life when we are on holiday. There’s no use going to an all-inclusive if you only hit the salad bar and cocktail bars were created to add that extra va va voom to the vacation.

But as much as we love to relax, it can often put a real downer on things when we return home to find that we’ve brought back extra baggage – around the waistline.

If you’re looking to eat and drink without dieting but not return to clothes that no longer fit then we’ve got a few tips for how to travel without too many treats.

Tip One: Exercise for Energy

Holidays are the perfect time to recharge those batteries but lying around in the sun isn’t the only way to regain energy. Unlike your stressed-out life at home, holidays provide us with lots of opportunities to get fit and have fun. And if you’re moving and grooving then you are counteracting those calories.

If your hotel has a pool – take the plunge. And an hour in the sea can be revitalizing – swim safe but use the waves as an added workout. If you are into your fitness then there are plenty of holidays where you can combine both fitness and fun. Then there are golf, tennis, or yoga holidays too.

Tip Two: Plan Ahead

If you put just a little thought into your meals ahead of time then you can ensure you are still eating healthy food while you’re enjoying your holiday activities. Before you travel – pack in some easy to transport snacks, eat a good breakfast to set you up for the day, and drink lots of water. In fact, carry water with you everywhere you go.

Try to plan your meals at the beginning of the day so you know that after that round of golf you’ll arrive back to the clubhouse in time for lunch. Or if you are off on a boat excursion, arrive in port in time for the evening meal.

Tip Three: Don’t Dip at Dinner

Take care when planning on eating at local restaurants. Scout ahead in the day if possible and take recommendations from locals. It is difficult to assess how food has been prepared when you’ve never frequented an establishment previously but your tour guide will know all the best places and those that offer healthy meals. There’s usually an option to pop out and purchase your own food. Where’s the harm in a plate of fruit, veg, and perhaps the local dips instead of a huge, over-prepared meal. Cutting down on bread and desserts can often be the difference between eating well and eating for weight.

Tip Four: Limit Sweets and Treats

No one wants to say no to those wonderful local desserts or miss out on the ice cream from time to time but there is a temptation to go over the top with our little luxuries when we’re on vacation. Having children in the party can certainly put temptation before us as they relax and grab any sweet thing going. Alcohol is another indulgence associated with breaks away from home so think ahead, limit yourself to just one or two treats – they’ll taste even better if they really are a treat and as for the alcohol with interspersing it with lots of water – you’ll thank yourself in the morning.

Tip Five: Small Servings

So many of us are astounded at the portion sizes served up in holiday resorts – all you can eat buffets can truly mean that and many countries offer steaks the size of dinner plates. But you can monitor your portions and feel happier and healthier in the long run. Just beware of going over the top and you’ll stay stress-free and enjoy your holiday much more.

When eating at the hotel buffet, be sure that you eat low-risk foods rather than chicken to ensure you minimize risks of food poisoning on holiday.