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Salad Bar Slip and Fall: When One Man’s Lunch is Another Man’s Danger



When you enter into a place of business, you do so with the expectation of being free from harm. No one would willingly enter an establishment that they believed would cause them injury. Because of this implied protection from harm, people willingly go to restaurants, stores, and other retail environments.

Possible Malfunctions

What happens when the business owner does not meet their environment-safety obligations? For instance, you meet with a group of your friends at the local buffet restaurant for lunch. It is your intention to enter the establishment, have lunch with your friends, and return to work.

However, what takes place is something entirely different. You are seated at your table, drink orders are taken, and your party leaves the table to go to the buffet to select your lunch. You are talking with a friend as you walk past the salad bar, not seeing the small pile of wet lettuce on the floor. You step in the lettuce, your foot flies out from under you, and next thing you know you are on the ground with a lump on your head and an extremely painful shoulder from trying to brace yourself.

Who Is Responsible For This Event?

The owner of the establishment is ultimately responsible for the fall. It is their obligation to provide a safe environment for their clients. This includes a walkway that is free from debris that could cause a slip and fall accident.

Business owners must train employees and enforce standards that will keep a business free of debris in the walkways. There is an obligation to the patron that is both required and implied that they should be free from harm when entering the establishment; anything less than this standard is negligence on the part of the owner.

Where Do You Turn For Help?

If you have been injured in a slip and fall accident, you should seek the professional services of a personal injury attorney. Personal injury attorneys can help you secure compensation for injuries.

As the victim of a negligent act, you are entitled to specific forms of compensation. These may include:

• Payment for current and future medical bills related to the accident and injury
• Present and future lost wages that are a direct result of the injury
• Compensation for your pain and suffering is allowed in your state
• Compensation for loss of enjoyment of life if allowed under state law

Additionally, your attorney will be able to determine if there are other forms of compensation due to you under state law.

It is very important to remember that dangerous slip and fall accident conditions are usually the result of negligent action on the part of a business owner. Litter or other items hindering walkways, uneven pavement, loose carpeting, and wet flooring may all be the cause of a fall, and all are a direct result of a negligent action. Contacting the proper attorney to have the case reviewed will help you secure any compensation that you are entitled to under the law for your injury.