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The Complete Guide To Shoulder Pain



It can manifest as a tender sharp pain, or perhaps a dormant but painfully present feeling in your shoulder. Whatever the feeling is, you may be experiencing shoulder pain. Although some pains are more tolerable than others shoulder pain can be extremely painful and even go as far as to affect the way you work and perform day today. There are many different symptoms of shoulder pain; ranging from bursitis to adhesive capsulitis (both medical conditions. Although a visit to the doctor will always be the best solution to be diagnosed as well as treated, you can also try some of these home remedies for curing shoulder pain.

Home Remedies For Dealing With Shoulder Pain

Stretch regularly – Shoulder pain can be caused by an abrupt move or accident that essentially paralyzed and contracted the muscle or nerve in a way that makes your shoulder muscle remain stiff at all times. In order to effectively calm and “un-stiff” your shoulder, daily stretches can help you revert the state of your shoulder. Stretches can be painful, that is why is important to always check with your doctor to make sure they are safe for you.

Using temperature treatment– Applying heat or ice packs to an injury can help your shoulder unwind and calm the same way stretching helps. Nerves respond to cold and heat. Applying ice over your shoulder can help lessen the pain and reduce the size of the injury. In order to make the most out of this remedy, is recommended to pick a single time of the day, where your shoulder pain is at its peak, and apply either an ice or a heat pack over the pain area.

Proper Rest– Lack of sleep can cause a “wired” physical and mental state that essentially stiffens your whole body. If you have been experiencing shoulder pain for a relatively short while, perhaps a change in your sleeping schedule, stress, or nutrition change was behind the problem. Readjust your sleeping pattern by making sure you are getting plenty of sleep.


Again, because the causes of shoulder pain vary greatly, is important to receive a proper diagnosis. Depending on the degree of severity of your shoulder pain, you may be prescribed medicine, injections, or even surgery. Shoulder pain can also be chronic, requiring a whole set of different treatments in order to control it long term. Cortisone injections are among the most common prescriptions doctors will recommend. These shots are capable of lessening or even eliminating shoulder pain for long periods of time (sometimes months). Medication can also be effective in treating this pain. Some anti-inflammatory pills can be prescribed to you for weekly or monthly use. All of these treatments, however, require a proper examination of your shoulder.