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Comfort Sleep: How it Affects Your Overall Physical and Mental Health



Comfort sleep: how it affects your overall physical and mental health

A healthy body needs enough rest. A comfortable sleep is a key to well being of the body. When you are sleep, the body does all important tasks. This includes consolidating the memory, repairing muscles, and regulating hormones. Depriving the body of sleep could make your health suffer.

How does comfort sleep affect your physical and mental health?

1. Skin

Your skin feels revitalized when you get a good night’s rest. Most of the metabolic and hormonal activities in the body take place when you are sleeping. These are important for your skin. For example, the production of collagen happens when you are asleep. Collagen makes the skin tight. Avoiding a good sleep could mean that your skin would get wrinkles and stretch marks over time. The complexion of the skin and a glowy touch in the face results due to higher blood flow. Sleep deprivation causes lesser blood flow making your face look dull and lifeless.

2. Lowering stress

A sensory blanket is one of the best investments to help you relax quickly and get sleep. One of the best ways to unwind and relax after a stressful day is by sleeping. The sleep-stress cycle shows us the importance of sleep. A sleep-deprived person is probably stressed and unable to sleep. This continues as a cycle making a clear relation between stress and sleep. When you lack sleep, you feel more stressed. Choosing a comfortable place to sleep without any disturbance is ideal to lower the stress levels. Trying meditation before sleeping can also help to fall asleep.

3. Balanced body weight

Sleep is crucial to determine your weight and control it. Those people who ever dieted and worked out to lose weight will tell you the significance of sleep in weight loss. Research shows that people who are sleeping less reduce nearly 50% less weight than those who sleep well. Lack of sleep affects the metabolic rate of the body making it difficult to lose weight. Lack of sleep makes your choices about food wrong. Those who are awake at night tend to end up having midnight snacks. They are also prone to overeat than a normal person.

4. Improves mood

Lack of sleep makes a person irritable. Comfortable and enough sleep helps prevent exhaustion, sadness, and anger. You would notice that your mood improves when you have a full night’s sleep. There is also a better control of impulses and emotions when you are sleeping enough. With a light mood, it is easy to handle difficult situations in the day. Lack of sleep could make you feel restless.

5. Improves memory and cognition skills

As you age, memory fades for some. Memory has three functions – recalling, acquisition, and consolidation. acquisition and recalling happen when you are awake. Consolidation is the main part of memory and it happens only when you are asleep. With 8 hours of comfort sleep, one has enough time to consolidate and process everything the brain picked in the day. Without sleep, you are at risk of forgetting everything without having a good memory.

Comfort sleep is not a luxury that you cannot afford. Making simple changes in your lifestyle could make a difference in your overall health. It is essential to sleep right. Comfortable sleeping can help you spend less time trying to fall asleep. Make a commitment to your health today – sleep comfortable and enough!