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Most Common Injuries Caused by Auto Accidents



Most common injuries caused by auto accidents

A lot of Americans have experienced being in a car accident, and they have suffered injuries ranging from minor (e.g., bumps and bruises) to fatal. Some victims would need hospitalization, while others are lucky enough to escape without even a cut or an injury.

Unfortunately, a lot of car accident injuries don’t immediately show up, leaving the victim to think he got off lightly. What happens is that when the collision occurs, your body quickly releases endorphins to help blunt the pain, making you think you’ve gotten off easy.

When the effect of these endorphins wears off later, though, that’s when the injuries manifest themselves. Unfortunately, the victim tends to ignore the symptom, not realizing that it was due to the accident. This is why a lot of car accident injuries worsen and become chronic later on, costing the victim thousands of dollars from medication and lost work opportunities.

If you’ve ever been in a car accident, you may be tempted to overlook these “minor” injuries in favor of the more critical ones. However, there are injuries that you should really watch out for and seek treatment afterward. Here are some of them:

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Neck Injuries

Mild injuries to the neck are usually not seen in the emergency room nor immediately felt by the victim. When this manifests days later, it can be misattributed to stress and other reasons.

However, neck injuries like whiplash and neck strain are widespread reasons for missed work and years of medication, as, at its worst, it can seriously impair your movement.

When you have figured in a collision, make sure to seek out a car accident injury chiropractor for neck injuries immediately, even if you haven’t felt the symptoms yet. The chiropractor will know if you have suffered from any damage to the soft tissues in your neck and how best to treat them.

Back Injuries

When your car collides with another solid body, all passengers (including you) will feel the impact not only on your neck and shoulders, but in your back too, causing sprain, strain, and even fracture, disc injuries, and lumbar spine injury.

You will not feel these immediately; it can take some time before it shows up, and if you’re not seeing a car accident injury chiropractor for it, it can only worsen and cause you years of pain and discomfort.

To avoid suffering from these potentially chronic injuries, you should make sure to consult a car accident injury chiropractor when you figure in an auto accident. It’s best to have them treated as early as possible so you can avoid suffering from chronic pain later on. Chiropractors are highly trained to identify and treat soft tissue injuries, and they are your best option when it comes to being pain-free for the rest of your life.