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How a Chiropractor Can Help with Yoga Injuries



Yoga can be a very calming and meditative experience that is good for both body and soul.  Yoga can also pose a risk to your health though if done improperly.

If you have been injured or are feeling strain or pain, schedule an appointment with a chiropractor.  An important way to avoid injury is prevention.  Visit a chiropractor and get an assessment.  A chiropractor will be able to find vulnerabilities and will be able to give you tips and advice about what yoga positions are best to avoid.

The following three areas are usually the site of injuries and pain.  Luckily, they are areas that a chiropractor will be able to prevent and help with any discomfort.


Yoga positions, like the ‘plow’, can put tremendous strain on your neck.  When doing difficult moves, especially inverted positions, make sure you are working closely with a yoga trainer.  Your chiropractor may have some good suggestions for possible yoga postures that would be good for your neck.


While yoga can be very good for your figure, it can cause strain to your posterior.  Certain postures or positions can cause an imbalance and tear in the posterior.  Have your chiropractor examine your pelvis to assess any possible vulnerability and to help you with any discomfort or strain you may be experiencing.


If done improperly, yoga can damage or cause strain to your hips.  When doing yoga, you may be using your hips instead of using your abdomen.  Your abdomen is what you want to strengthen while doing yoga.  This can happen because of poor form, an imbalance, or too much repetition of the same posture. A chiropractor will be able to ease the pain or prevent you from having painful hip imbalance or hip strain.

Listen to your Body

Your body is sending out signals.  Don’t ignore these signals or try to push through them.  Chiropractic help is the key to understanding what is happening and how to avoid strain in the future.

Yoga is meant to be refreshing and good for your core.  Don’t let pain get in the way.  Prevent imbalance and strain by going to a chiropractor and getting an assessment.  A chiropractor will be able to point out any vulnerability and will give you some strategies and pointers to use while doing yoga.  Be gradual and exercise regularly to create a proper balance.  By seeking chiropractic help for prevention and treatment, you will be protecting the three vulnerable areas – neck, posterior, and hip – and will find a deeper enjoyment in yoga.