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Three Ways to Bounce Back from a Car Accident



Being in a car accident is never something people plan for.  Statistically speaking, your chances of being in one during your life are pretty good, and there are several common injuries that you can receive that bring with them chronic pain.  Rather than focus on the negative and spiraling into depression, there are several things you can do to steer your life back on track.

Physical Therapy

Even if you think you have everything under control, you should consult with medical professionals after an accident.  Get checked out immediately in an emergency room.  From there, consult with your general physician, and explore the possibility of physical therapy.  There are five injuries that commonly occur when your car is rear-ended: whiplash, concussions, broken bones, herniation, and brain injuries.  You could potentially walk away from an accident with any of the five without realizing it.  Other than a concussion, physical therapy could help you to deal with all of these things.  It is amazing what you can train or re-train your body to do in a matter of months following the accident.

Reassess your Goals

The more severe the accident is, the greater the impact on your life.  One of the most discouraging things about a car accident is that even when the other driver is at fault, you are suffering.  With physical or brain injuries comes adjustments in your life.  Following the accident, it’s most important to focus on the progress you make and not the end goal.  Be patient with yourself.  After a while, you will be able to carry on life as you did before the accident.  In the interim, talk to your doctor, spouse, or family about adjusting things to accommodate your new injuries.  Whether it’s a cast on your leg or something worse, you’ll need help, so don’t be afraid to accept it from those who care about you.

Consider your Finances

Serious car accidents have a big impact on your finances.  From medical bills to time lost at work, your bank account can plummet if you don’t plan accordingly.  The best way to avoid this is to communicate with people who deal with this all the time, particularly your insurance company and a lawyer.  If the bills are piling up, talk to your lawyer about litigation funding.  This is basically an advance on the expected settlement so that you can pay for the unexpected expenses that you are now burdened with.  Make sure you budget out the settlement money to cover long term medical care if necessary and possibly invest some if you can.