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Weight Loss

Natural Ways to Lose Weight This Holiday Season



Tips to help you to lose weight effectively

Tis the season to be jolly. That does not mean you need to have a jolly belly. There are many things you can do to prevent weight gain this year. But be careful, if you don’t pay attention to your health you could gain weight.

Gaining a couple of pounds isn’t too bad, but what usually happens this time of year is mega weight gain. The holidays get the best of us and the average American can gain 8 to 10 pounds. And you know what they say, it is easy to put on and hard to take off. Beat the holiday bulge with these natural health tips.

Don’t Eat Between Meals

It’s important to not overeat this time of year. It’s easy to do because there are many threats around the office and home that aren’t normally there. Whether it’s gifts from friends or edible treats from clients don’t eat them between meals. Studies show that people who do not eat or graze between meals usually weight-less and eat less throughout the day. Stick to three square meals for a healthy happy holiday season.

Don’t weigh yourself

Studies show that people who get on the scale daily tend to obsess and feel overwhelmed when it comes to weight gain. Instead, go by how you feel. How does your body feel in the clothes that you put on? How do you feel in your body when you wake up etc?

Allow yourself one free day a week

Chances are this time of year there’s added goodies. Every day is not a chance to overeat, this is how pounds pack on. Instead of eating it, and over-consuming every day, pick one day a week that you can just eat whatever you want. This is an old dieter trick that works wonders for you if restrict yourself for six days a week following a very careful food plan, and then allow yourself to have that cocktail or that eggnog on one free day.

Brush your teeth

Research proves that people who brush their teeth after every meal lose weight and way less than people who failed to brush their teeth daily. This is because people who have a clean mouth are less likely to overeat over that clean feeling sensation.