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Eating Habits For Weight Gain



“Sustainable ways to gain weight.”

Think of weight gain, and the first thing that comes to mind is sheer indulgence in high calorie, junkie food like pizzas, burgers, lavish lunches, and buffets. Hold on – remember “freedom is not free,” so even to gain weight, there is a method. If you are not cautious about what you consume, you might end up harming your health in more ways than one. Bank on the following tips and use them wisely to get back the right amount of flab on your body.

Calculate cleverly

The first wise step is to calculate your BMI and derive the kilos you need to put on. Spread your diet plan over a span. For, eg, to put on 6 kilos over three months. So every month you need to gain 2 kilos.

Make a calorie chart

After calculation of desired calorie intake, make a usable calorie chart. You could pen down the calories you consume every day and keep a tab on the weight gain. On the days that you think you ate less than what you should have, you can opt to indulge in your favorite food the following day. But that should not be a regular affair.

Be a foodie, not a junkie!

Eating the right food holds the key to proper weight gain. Choose nutritious food over junk food. Keep the pizza and street food for the weekend. Daily consume suitable fruits, the right amount of ghee, milkshakes, nuts, and a protein-rich diet. Banana milk-shake and protein shake can be a great option, the results of which will be extremely desirable.

Eat more meals!

Instead of eating just three heavy meals, opt for more number of meals. Eating every 2-3 hours can help your digestion system as well as your weight gain.

Grab that goodie bag!

Since you are on a weight gain mission carrying a goodie bag flocked with nuts, fruits, protein shakes, and healthy food is a must. If you are a working person, this bag becomes all the more essential; otherwise, the indulgence levels in the incorrect food can be high.

I am balancing mantra!

If you balance your food wisely, your body will respond more quickly than you imagined. Ensure that your diet plan has the right intake of fats, carbohydrates, and proteins. Nuts, dal, and soy products are all high in protein. However, do not over-indulge in anything. Moderation is a desirable way to weight gain.

Full-on Fiber!

Wholesome meals of fiber-containing food like vegetables, fruits, salads should be on the cards. These foods help build the tissues in the body and strengthen your muscles. High fiber food will also boost your digestive system and overall immunity.

Follow the basics

The basic principle is that of increasing your appetite. When you have an inflated desire, you naturally tend to gain weight. To have a better taste, you should start exercising and eating healthy food. This is a sure-shot way to gain weight more sustainably.

No magic trick!

One needs to remember that there is practically no magic trick in weight gain. If you lose patience and leave the plan, you are back to square one. So be patient and determined to follow your routine.