Fast Food Restaurants: The Bitter Truth

Fast food is nothing short of commonplace in this day and age. Its name sure enough fits the reputation: Fast Food. Food that comes fast and at such a low expense that the reality of it is anyone can afford a quick and cheap meal from any place like McDonald’s.

However, the joyful clown you see in commercials and billboards along with little hamburger burglars act strictly as a facade to reel in the flock of masses as cost efficiently as they possibly can. It’s a money making scheme that puts health at risk and requires little to no concern from the bigwigs at headquarters. Now, I’m aware there are other fast food companies out there, but for the sake of not having to mention every single one of those every time I need a name, I’m going to use McDonald’s as reference point. Seeing as it’s the biggest and most recognizable of all the fast food dining experiences.

Is McDonald’s really a happy place?

Last year, McDonald’s spent over 2 billion dollars on advertising alone. It is one of the most advertised companies in the world. Strictly saying that this is an extreme attempt at making a good impression with children (The Clown) and bringing in millions of customers of all ages. This is a common occurrence among all fast food franchises, not simply McDonald’s. Wendy’s has Wendy. Burger King burger stealers and that crazy, purple tumor monster. They all have their own Ronald.

Is it really, truly cheap?

A fast food soda sells for right around $1.29. In total cost of cup, ice, and soda, this costs the company roughly 10 cents. You can check the math, that is a markup of OVER 1200%.

This year, an estimated $110 billion dollars will be spent by Americans on fast food. This is significatly more than they will spend on movies, magazines, news subscription, music, or books… COMBINED.

Fast food has been proven to be an immediate cause of Type 2 Diabetes. There are more than 600,000 new cases every year. Can you afford insulin and all the treatment included with this deadly condition? The answer should be an overwhelming NO!

Fast food is a brilliant business model but a deadly killer that has not only affected America but has spread throughout the far corners of the world. Find another way to eat instead of shoving greasy, salty and fattening foods down your throat.

What hope do Americans have along with the rest of the world?

Though it looks grim right now with heart disease’s play in America, there is, in fact, hope. The world is becoming more and more aware of the unjust doings of fast food eating places. So, with that being said, it would seem that either fast food companies will straighten up and make healthier food, or sales will come to a head because of the new knowledge people are learning about what they’re eating.

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