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Quick Tips to Keep Braces Clean at School



Thousands of teenagers each year go through the process of straightening their teeth with braces. While everyone knows that the experience will be worth it when you get them off, keeping them clean and free of food in the meantime can be a bit of a hassle. It’s not that big of a deal to keep them clean at home where your trusty toothbrush and unique flossing materials are close at hand, but what about when school starts again? Everyone knows going from lunch to last period with food stuck in your teeth is not the best way to get elected homecoming queen or king, so check out these tips to help your stock go up before the first big game.

1. Just like at home, the best way to get your teeth clean with braces is to brush them immediately after you finish eating. Take five minutes to head to the bathroom and bring your toothbrush with you. Having your toothbrush and some toothpaste in your locker or backpack will save you the misery of realizing you had a big chunk of bread stuck in your teeth for two hours later on. If you don’t want to cart your regular toothbrush to school every day, there are travel-sized ones that take up less room and do the job just fine. No matter what brush you use, be sure to position your toothbrush at an angle under your braces to get all of the food that might be hiding in there.

2. If you want to get extra credit for cleaning your teeth, then don’t forget to bring along the floss too. Using floss at school will ensure that all those little bits of food that are stuck in your braces after the lunchroom mac and cheese will be removed. This might take a bit more time than brushing, so be sure to leave the party in the lunchroom in time.

3. If you have sworn off the carrying of the toothpaste and toothbrush as a “Never going to happen!” at the very minimum, be sure to run to the bathroom and rinse out your mouth with water after you eat. Swishing with mouthwash, which comes in travel-sized containers, would also be a good idea to help ward off the bacteria from the food left in your mouth. Toothpicks and dental sticks are another way to get out pieces of food left behind without making a big deal about it and are easy to carry in your backpack or purse.