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Should Your Dental Office Be Active on Social Media?



Let’s face it, the world has gone social. But that doesn’t mean every company needs to jump on the bandwagon, or do they? Dentist practitioners often wonder about social media and if it is a necessity or their business. If you are wondering about the pros and cons of using social media to reach patients these tips can help.

What is social media?

First, let us look at social media and how it can help you grow your business. Social media is an online community or network of people that connect on the internet. Facebook, Twiter, Pinterest, and YouTube are great social media sites that connect millions of users worldwide.

Why engage on social media?

Why connect to others online, why spend time investing time to build a network, why devote precious resources? The reality is social media does take time. Developing a platform for regular followers is no easy task. But the benefits are plenty. Social media is all about engagement. Engaging and connecting with potential and current patients is the key. Many referrals happen on social media sites and referrals can equal sales. Online efforts will convert to more page views, hits, and ultimately, a return on investment.

All of your efforts online can build trust, loyalty, and even more respect.

To understand why you should be using social media to build your business, it is important to study why your friends and family are using social media. Most of the time it is to form and rekindling connections.

One hard fast fact is people crave connection, interaction, insight, and hope.

There are over 1 billion Facebook users and not using this method to connect could be a missed opportunity. Doctors are natural connectors because you touch other’s lives every single day.

You can think of social media as an extension to your community and list of patients.

Engage and educate them online. Share funny stories and thoughts with them on social media and it will naturally grow the connection.

Although social media may not actually change your practice dramatically it can help improve the way you practice. You will feel more connected to your patients and friends.