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3 Common Types of Skin Diseases: Remedies And Treatment



Skin is the largest organ and at the same time a very delicate part of the body. This means that if you are not comfortable with your skin, then your life will be in a mess. Skin problems are very common and there are several factors that lead to the development of these problems. Many people spend a lot of money in attempts to get rid of the skin problems but some end up being disappointed as a result of the unsatisfactory results they get.

Some of the most common types of skin problems include the following:

Moles: these are marks that develop on the surface of the skin making the skin look ugly. Basically, a mole is a small dark, and raised growth on the skin.

Skin tag: it is a small growth on the skin that can be caused by sun exposure or sometimes it is genetic. Skin tags are usually the unseen spot marks on the skin.

Wart: it is a small rough lump that grows anywhere in the skin and it is normally caused by a virus.

The type of skin problem cannot be overemphasized. However, the good news is that most of the skin problems are preventable and treatable. Before taking any medication in an attempt to remove a skin problem, it is recommended to consult a dermatologist so that the causes of the skin problems can be established and appropriate medication was taken.

There are numerous methods that can be used to remove skin diseases. Each method depends on the type of skin disease being removed. The methods range from surgical procedures to home methods. The dermatologist will advise you on the most appropriate method to use so as to avoid any side effects that could otherwise worsen your situation.

How to remove skin tags

Cutting: use a sterilized clipper and scissor to cut the skin tags off the skin. Then the cut is treated as a normal wound. This method is normally used when you want to remove the skin tag very fast.

Use of vitamin E: when applied on the skin tag, they peel off the old skin and give space for the regeneration of new skin cells.

Use of fingernail polish: apply fingernail polish to the skin tag several times a day, then leave it for a few days.

Use of thin string: this is the way of cutting off the skin tag with no pain. Just tie a thin string around the skin tag tightly then leave it until it falls off.

Urine treatment: it involves soaking a cotton ball with urine then applying it to the skin tag; then use tape to seal the wetness on the skin tag and leave it for some time until the skin tag peels off.

Onion treatment: it involves rubbing onion juice on the skin tag daily for several days.

How to remove moles

Tea tree oil: it involves applying the tea tree oil on the moles daily for a number of days until the moles disappear.

Cauterization: it involves the use of a cautery tool, to burn off the mole. The burning leaves the skin flat and there is no need for stitches. The burnt part of the skin recovers naturally.

Cryosurgery: it is a procedure that uses liquid nitrogen to cool the mole therefore it destroys the mole leaving a scar in place that the mole was original. However, this method is not preferred for use on the face due to the scars it leaves on the skin.

Use of laser: if a procedure that takes only five minutes. But it must be done by a professional dermatologist.

Surgical excision: It is used to remove moles from the skin then repairing the tissues around the removed moles. The results leave smooth skin with no spots

Electrocoagulation:  It can be used to remove moles from any part of the body. It involves the use of electric current effects.

Bloodroot paste: bloodroot paste is a substance made from the bloodroot plant that is found in North America. The paste is applied to the spot where the mole has grown then sealed using a tape

Shape biopsy: it involves the use of a scalpel to cut off the mole then the cut skin surface is flattened

How to get rid of Warts

Use of cauliflower juices: it involves rubbing cauliflower juice on the skin daily until the skin peels off. As the skin gets peeled off, the wart also disappears.

Use of banana peels: this involves peeling off a banana and then rubbing the inside part of the peel to the wart. Do this daily.

Use of garlic: just split the garlic into two and then apply it on the wart and hold it in place with a bandage to last overnight.

Use of cider vinegar: it is effective in removing warts and healing their scars. Clean warts using hot water and then apply the cider vinegar using a cotton ball.

Use of honey: honey contains healing elements plus nutrients that are good for the skin. Just apply the honey on the wart daily until the wart disappears.

Use of grapefruit: it involves cutting the grapefruit into two parts and extracting the juice. Then apply the juice on the wart 3-4 times daily.